Your Divorce Glow-Up: The 90% Accurate Playbook

Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. This isn’t some fluffy happily-after-anytime kind of toss-around but a heavy-hitter. Where’s that 90% coming from? This is straight heat from the crème de la crème of divorce studies – and believe me, it’ll open your eyes.

The startup might be harsh, but so is life. Your marriage is not your safe space. Too many people are playing safe, paddling in the shallow end of life, expecting to remain afloat even when the tide turns. Guess what? That ain’t gonna fly. If the startup into a conversation is harsh, you’re already on the edge of a precipice. If an argument’s opening salvo is sarcasm, contempt, or criticism, you bet it’s going downhill, fast.

Want to play defense, rise high and mighty against any critique? I’ve got news for you – defensive attitudes build walls, not bridges. This isn’t Sparta, darling. Your shield is causing a rift, a gap leading you further from a solution and closer to the courtroom.

Don’t even get me started on contempt. We’re talking lethal, worse than the plague. This isn’t love – it’s a cold war sanctioned right in the living room. Nation-states do bombs; couples do contempt. If either of these elements crops up in your relationship, you got that ticket to the divorce parade.

Now picture this. You’re defensive, she’s contemptuous… and neither of you switches up the mood? That’s stonewalling – the silent treatment that would make a Trappist monk look like a party animal. A couple that can’t communicate properly is as stable as a house of cards on a windy day.

Ever wondered about flooding? I’m not talking hurricanes here, but psychological distress. The constant emotional barrage, like a metaphorical tsunami crashing into your mind day after day. Breaks down the defenses, leaves you a shell. If you’re feeling this, don’t wait for the waters to recede – act now.

And that boo-hoo trip down memory lane? Filled with resentment, bitterness, missed opportunities – another glaring sign. If your past experiences are bad memories with failed repair attempts, the end is in view.

Closing this off, we’re in hardball territory here. We’re not knitting scarves; we’re predicting divorces. If you spot these signs, pull up your socks, dust off your dreams, and start making your plan. Life doesn’t end after divorce; sometimes, it’s the glow-up you needed all along. Harsh realities and truths are better than a sticky situation that binds you down.

Remember, life is more than a game – it’s a war. If you’ve exhausted all the peace treaties and negotiations, maybe it’s time for a strategic retreat. If this hits home for you, take it as a wake-up call, the siren for change. This is your life – live it on your terms. Play to win, always.








This is your life – live it on your terms. Play to win, always.

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