While we know many of our members enjoy and engage in affiliate marketing, we wanted to provide some simple tips and tricks gleaned from leading affiliate marketers:

Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Extra Money without A Website
Having a review affiliate website has long been a mainstay way of making money online. With solid content, SEO, and link building, you are well on your way to becoming the go-to website for potential customers already on the cusp of making a purchase. Whether you have a website already or are just dipping your feet into the market, here are some additional tips to maximize affiliate marketing.

Pay Per Click Marketing
In general, PPC is often not a good route for affiliate marketing, both based on the high costs and expertise involved, as well it often contravenes the promotion rules. Yet, in instances where the commission on the affiliate product is high (at least 40% and a higher ticket product), the cost per click is low, and you are comfortable using Google Ads and able to test, it may be worth investing in paid ads on Google and perhaps even social media platforms. If you do take this route, make sure that your images and text are SEO optimized.

Make Use of Established Sites
There are many websites out there that already have a high Domain Authority (DA) that will naturally come up on the 1st page of Google on a keyword search. Platforms such as Medium and Quora are 2 of the best sites out there where you can promote an affiliate product for free whether you have a website or not. Just make sure that your content is good!

Social Media
What would the world be without social media? The opportunity to reach out to billions of potential customers is a tactic that any affiliate marketer must keep in their arsenal.
You don’t need much to start as all you need to do is set up and promote your account and page. You can put a link in the bio description on Instagram, but you can’t directly link to posts. Facebook, however, allows you to create groups and pages and provides you with a wide variety of tools you can use to track your activity.
Whether you are an established affiliate marketer or just getting started, it is important to have your own product review website. However, whether you have one or not, there is undoubtedly money to be made from these three methods. Keep every door open, and you will find much success as an affiliate marketer.

Now we’ve got the basics outta the way Let’s get real here.

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• post these amazing before and after pics

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Your strategies are actually repelling people. They are not being attracted to you and it has left you frustrated and hopeless without ever building a massive income online as you had hoped. It doesn’t have to continue this way

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