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Here are Simple Tips to Staying Consistent and Building Momentum Through the Holidays.

How do you stay consistent and build momentum through the holidays? We’ve been asked several times on our coaching sessions here at Slaylebrity VIP community over the last few weeks. And so we are going to give you three simple tips to stay consistent and build momentum into this next year.

Using Your Time Wisely During the Holidays
Inside the Slaylebrity VIP community, we HELP YOU to make more in less time leveraging systems and processes and automation through social media and search engines. 
So when it comes to growing your business during the holidays, we know that for ourselves when we first got started in growing our content marketing businesses, we wanted to take the holidays off. 
It was impossible to get people to meet during this time because we were building our businesses old school. And when it came down to it, we would rather spend time with our families than go out and be prospecting or doing home meetings and parties all day long. 
And so when it came to the holidays, we would take that time off. We would kind of trickle out and then tell ourselves that in the next year we’re going to start building momentum and crush our goals. 
In doing so, we found this was the worst mistake that we could make as content marketers and as entrepreneurs. 
Because during the holidays there were other people that were running hard and they were getting in front of people and hitting people with Black Friday sales and “Join My Team” posts. 
And what it came down to was our businesses stayed stuck. Actually, it went backwards while all these other people that were around us rank advanced in January because they were able to build that momentum and they were willing to work when we weren’t. 
We’re not gonna be sliding into people’s DMs with “Join My Opportunity” posts. We don’t do that here at Slaylebrity VIP. We believe in building our businesses in a professional and strategic way that you can be proud of. 
We want you to be proud of building your business. We want you to build your business like an actual real entrepreneur.

Tip One: Batch Your Content Ahead of Time
Here’s the thing, when it comes to the last 15 days of the year, a lot of people are home. They get time off with their family. And so you want to be in front of them, you want to be seen on their phone. 
So we need to batch our content ahead of time, and what we mean by batching is, for example, filming two or three Facebook lives that you are gonna be able to stream live at a later date. And people won’t know the difference whether it’s live or not. They’ll just see you popping up in their newsfeed or their stories. They might think you’re live, but you could have shot that video weeks ago.
And it’s one of those things that when you realize that you can do it, and you realize that there are tools that could help you do it, and that there is a strategy around doing it where you can attract people and not be sending those copy and paste messages and not be the salesy weirdo trying to get people to join your business, that’ll be when everything changes for you. 

Trust us when we say that once you learn how to batch your content, it’s going to completely change your life. Being prepared and batching content ahead of time makes it easier to stay consistent. 

Tip Two: Repurposing Content
So to give you an idea of how to repurpose content, take a Facebook Live you have filmed. And then cut it up and create it into mini content by making stories out of it, making TikToks out of it, make it into a reel. 
And because you’re able to repurpose, you’re able to go through different channels and different social media platforms. You can be all over the place using one simple video. Take the video and create solid blog posts and posts on Facebook and Instagram and all of these different platforms where you can attract people. 
So if when you have batched content, it then gives you time to repurpose it so that it’s going everywhere. 
They’re gonna be seeing you in their newsfeed.
They’re gonna be seeing you in stories.
They’re gonna be seeing you in TikTok.
They’re gonna be seeing you in reels.
They’re gonna be seeing you all over the place. 
This is important as there are people that are on Facebook that are not on Instagram. There are people that are on Instagram that are not on TikTok. There are people that are on TikTok that are not on Facebook. It’s vital that you’re able to repurpose and put yourself everywhere, and we have a really simple process that we use to do that. 
When you do that, you’re now in front of everybody and people are seeing you while your competitors are deciding to take the last six weeks off of the year.

Tip Three: Reusing Content
A study found that people don’t remember what they viewed on any social media platform 90 days ago. 
And I want you to think about it. Who is that top influencer that you follow? Who’s the person whose content you never miss because you absolutely love what they do?
Do you remember what they posted three weeks ago? Do you remember what they posted two months ago? 
You don’t remember, right?
That’s just part of the social media game. You have constant content that is thrown at you, so you don’t remember what you read or what you viewed 90 days ago. So what we teach our members to do inside the SLAYLEBRITY VIP community is every 90 days reuse your content or recycle your content. 
It can be the exact same post with a different picture. Or maybe you change the picture and you change the hook or the first few lines, but then the rest of the post is exactly the same. This is how you’re able to condense time.
So keep that in mind during the holiday season.
What are your best videos? What are the best posts that you’ve done over the last few years that you can tweak and modify just a little bit and reuse so that you can spend more time with the people that you love and less time prospecting and creating content. 

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We're not gonna be sliding into people's DMs with “Join My Opportunity” posts. We don't do that here at Slaylebrity VIP. We believe in building our businesses in a professional and strategic way that you can be proud of.  We want you to be proud of building your business. We want you to build your business like an actual real entrepreneur.

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