Do you want to look like an elegant and feminine woman on your beach vacation this summer? Watch this.

Men will notice a woman who takes care of herself, who smiles, who is confident and very well put together.
The most important factors are how she carries herself (classy?), her manners (etiquette), how she relates to others and her ability to hold their attention with conversation or playful banter. Improve the areas you can that don’t cost any money at all. Those things will take you far.
For the people saying these recommendations are inconsiderate to certain economic levels: it is not possible to address every single persons financial situation. Even if you cannot afford designer, there are soooo many affordable or “cheap” options that if styled properly can pass. You can wear designer head to toe and look a hot mess. Also you will learn high end options that are good, so if you are budgeting you can maybe splurge on one item and mix the other less expensive options. Confidence also plays a huge key in how your outfit is portrayed regardless of cost.

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Trust me, men notice a woman's aura, her energy and how she feels about herself.

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