As someone who worked in luxury retail for 2.5 years, there were, in fact, opportunities to find high-caliber men. However, they tended to look at you as more of a fling as they looked at you as not “on their level”.

Once I left this job to work another one where I made much more money, I was enabled to travel much more which led me to be included into the high-society social circle. Through being in this circle, not only are you surrounded by high-caliber men, but they see you as someone more on their level and they will take you more seriously.

In Georgina’s case, she was extremely lucky. Working in luxury retail is a great way to have a peek into high-society, but I would recommend not to stay there for too long and find a better way to get into high-society!

Is Georgina Rodriguez tacky, new money, elegant? Find out my thoughts on her level up, style and relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo as well as what I have to say about the new Netflix series “I am Georgina.”

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As someone who has worked as a waitress for almost 7 years, I always tell anyone who cares to listen, use men for what you can get from them there and then. Dating them outside of work is a no-no for me. As some women have rightly said in the comments, they never see you on their level, only want to sleep with you. Georgina’s case is extremely rare, maybe cos it was his son that approached her first. I actually thought they met at a party before he knew she was a sales assistant. For people saying she acts like new money, that’s cos she’s new money and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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