The “wet” hair look is everything at the moment. What’s the best part about it? Your hair is bone dry! Seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, and even spotted on the runway with Altuzarra, Versus Versace, Simone Rocha and more, it’s not only a beauty-forward look. It’s super easy to rock off the runway, too.
YouTuber Pia Muehlenbeck shared a simple tutorial on her channel to give you step-by-step tips to rocking this full-texture look.

Step 1: Sea Salt Spray Is Your BFF

Sea salt spray is the first product you’ll need to get that uber amazing Kardashian-inspired look. Go crazy with it — it’s not possible to use too much!

Step 2: Get Yourself Some Mousse

Once your hair is prepped with the sea salt spray, you’ll be ready to apply some mousse. Working in the product with your fingers not only feels like a dream — it’s also the all-natural pick over heating tools. As a bonus, it also helps give your hair some added volume.

Step 3: Reach For The Gel

Sleek, wet men’s hair gel? The perfect fit for this look. When you’re applying it, be sure to pay attention to your roots — using gel around your hairline will help tame any flyaways, and putting a little extra gel on your ends will help give them a more saturated look.

Step 4: The Secret? A Whole Lot Of Oil Serum

A leave-in daily oil formula is the perfect product to both keep your hair looking wet and wild, but also maintain some life. If you’re already using a serum, you’ll want to use a little more than you do on the regular. The more oil, the “wetter” it’ll look.

Step 5: Blow Dry!

You want your hair to look wet, not actually bewet. Blow dry your hair to make sure your sea salt spray, oils and everything else are locked in place. Once you’re done drying, coat the tips of your fingers in gel and run them along your hairline to make any final styling touches and ensure that all those wispy hairs stay in place.
It’s seriously that easy! Will you be giving this wet hair look a try?

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