Imagine that you are working day in and day out to build your business to 6 figures and your team is thriving. 
You are finally getting to where you want to be, and you come home and your spouse says to you ” I need a wife, not an ATM machine.” What would you do?
Well, this actually happened to me. And I want to walk you through what I did and how we overcame it and I turned my spouse into my biggest cheerleader.

This is a very touchy subject, but it is important to know why your spouse is unsupportive and how to resolve it.
If we don’t address the big elephant in the room, not only will there be some friction in the family dynamic, but it can also sabotage your relationship or your business. 
Because if your spouse is unsupportive, you are not going to be able to spend as much time as you want building your business, and you can lose your confidence and potentially quit.  
There was a time that my spouse was not supportive, and I’m very grateful that he expressed himself because not only did I start evaluating how I’m building my business and how I’m spending my time building my business, but also whether or not I need to change something. 
Today, my husband is my biggest cheerleader. My biggest supporter. He believed in me when I did not believe in myself and only because of his support I am where I am today. 

The first thing you need to do, is to understand where they are coming from. 
Most likely they are coming from the place of love. They don’t want to see you get hurt. 
They don’t want you to fail and be disappointed with yourself. 
Understanding that even though they are not supportive and it seems like they are on the other side, it is actually coming from a place of love and support. 

The second thing is to understand why they are not supportive. 
Maybe they are feeling neglected. All of a sudden you are spending all your time on your business, which takes away from time with your spouse and family. 
Maybe they are irritated that you are spending time doing something that is not important, because the family and husband are more important.
They don’t know if you are committed. You have done it before and quit after a little while. They need to know that this is different from those times. That it isn’t a waste of time. 
Another reason is that you didn’t include them. You started up your business, and didn’t think it was important to share. So now they are feeling left out and behind.
Maybe they are skeptical of this business. They don’t believe in the industry, so they are skeptical because they don’t want to see you waste your time. 
Now, these are some examples of why your spouse might be unsupportive, but there are many other reasons as well. 

You understand where they are coming from, a place of love, and the reason why they are unsupportive, now its time to have the conversation. There are five main points you want to cover when having the conversation.

1. You want to tell them that you actually appreciate that they are concerned, and you understand where they are coming from.
2. Explain to them why what you are doing right now is important to you. Be honest, with your spouse, and yourself.
3. Talk about how pursuing your business is going to change things. Tell them when and how much time you will spend working on your business, set some boundaries. Also make sure to set aside time for your family and spouse, and be fully committed to this.
4. Give them some clarity. Help them know the expectations on how it will look over the next month, or even the next year. It might change, but having some kind of expectation will help with the transition.
6. Involve them. Ask them for help. They might be unsupportive because you excluded them. They love to be in the back listening and supporting you.

Don’t let the elephant in the room grow so big it sabotages your relationship. 
Understanding where they are coming from, why they feel this way, and having a conversation can help you resolve your situation with an unsupportive spouse. 
If you include them, they will be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. 
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Don't let the elephant in the room grow so big it sabotages your relationship. If you want to know more about building your business online learn our proven formula

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