Creating content can be scary and frustrating at the same time.
Not knowing what to post can leave you spending hours searching through your newsfeed.
These 3 tips will help ease the pain and give you a strategy to create weekly content without the headache and will help you attract and enroll more people to your business month after month.

Tip 1: Deciding On A Platform
The first tip you need to implement is deciding on which platform you’re building on. There’s a lot of platforms out there, and sometimes we feel like we need to be on all the platforms all at once, and we can tend to really overfill our plate. 
But all these platforms are different. 
They serve similar purposes as far as growing your network of people, but they’re all different. They all have different guidelines, so you want to make sure that you are starting with just one.

What we teach within our network is a marketing strategy, which could be implemented on any social media platform that you’re on, but we encourage you to pick one and start with one. And once you have grown that following to where you want it to be and have grown the skill sets and you’re getting engagement, your social following will grow and then you can branch out. It then becomes easier to add more things to your plate.

So again, decide on which platform you’re going to build on and start there! 

Of course youtube is our greatest bias because it allows you to link out to any business you want.

Tip 2: Appropriate Content For Each Platform
The second tip is what content is appropriate for that specific platform. Because if you’re on Reels, on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, there’s all different types of strategies. Whether it comes to lead generation or brand awareness, just gaining exposure for your brand or really being able to create and generate those leads will help enrol customers and teammates. 
So all of those different platforms serve different purposes. They all have different strategies behind them. So you want to create a plan so you know what you’re gonna be posting each day and how you’re gonna be showing up. And one of the things that we use here inside of our network is what we call branding buckets. 
So we create different topics. We actually create Google Docs with different topics in them, and we start loading those docs with posts that we like and that we’ve seen that can help inspire and spark ideas to create content. 
Always remember you’re building YOUR brand on social media, not your company’s brand. You’re building YOUR brand. So when it comes to your different topics or your branding buckets, these are things that you are passionate about. 
It’s all about value and sharing with people who you are, what you represent and what you’re passionate about. This way you can grow a following of like-minded people who relate to you. So an example for us at slaylebrity VIP social network would be education, we’re educating people on something in our niche, perhaps something that has to do with how to build on social media, or how we can help others to build their business. 
You’ve got to be entertaining! You’ve got to have a little humor. Show people your lifestyle, what is it that you do? Share things about your family. Maybe you have kids.
People want to know that you’re genuine, that you’re a regular, normal human being. 
And then we’d suggest putting in there maybe some of your passions and hobbies. Maybe it’s gardening, maybe it’s cooking. 
And these are all things that each day you are going to be able to pluck from these files. Facebook memories are a great way to fill your buckets with free content, ideas, screenshots of things that inspire you that you wanna add. Inspirational quotes can be another bucket. 
And so once you create these buckets, you have now filled in loads of content that you can plug and play. And so when it comes to Monday and you wanna share something motivational, you’re gonna go to your motivational bucket and you’re gonna search through there and post something from there.

Tip 3: Showing Up Consistently
Once you actually implement tips 1 and 2, it’s going to be a game changer for you and your business, and it’s going to help you with the third tip, which is to show up consistently. And what helps with this is batching all your content. 
So it might sound like a headache but once you start doing this you should be able to take a couple hours out of one of your days to plan to sit down and batch out your content.
So you’re going to come up with posts for Monday through Friday. You’re going to come up with maybe two Facebook Live ideas and a couple bullet points that go with it. And you’re going to plan out what kind of things around your product or opportunity you are going to implement into your YouTube feed. 

Bonus Challenge: Level Up!
Now, if you want to take it a step further, we challenge you to level up. 
Once you have created your YouTube Live topic ideas with two to three bullet points or key points that you’re gonna be sharing, we challenge you to record these all in one day. 
If you are doing short videos on TikTok or you’re creating reels, you can create a couple of these all in one day and have the week to spread them out. So we encourage you to pre-record any of your videos, whether it’s short videos or long videos, and then you can schedule them through a scheduling app. One stream is great. Streamyard is also amazing. So those are two tools you can use to post pre-post or post pre-recorded video on your personal profile or really anywhere!
There’s multiple places that those tools can stream your video to. But once you implement this, you’re going to see that your stress is no longer about what to post, that you’re not feeling overwhelmed, that you have more time back in your life and you’re showing up more consistently. 
It’s going to guarantee that your show up rate for your business and for yourself is going to increase. More consistency means you are going to start growing your following, you’re going to start having people reach out to you, and you’re going to start seeing your business grow. 
It’s a game changer!
Once we started doing this, it helped with our confidence. We stopped feeling like our businesses were going nowhere. Because we had a plan and we prepared. 
And we hear this all the time, especially if you are trying out a new diet or you’re implementing something new into your life. If you don’t plan, you plan to fail, right? 
So if you plan ahead in your content, you’re going to ease the stress, lower the overwhelm, and you’re going to start seeing that your business is actually growing because you’re showing up more consistently.

Want To Stand Out More In The Newsfeed?
We hope you found these tips useful.
For more tips on how you can stand out in the newsfeed and effortlessly attract around three to five new prospects a month consistently, you should check out our Social Recruiting content plan HERE








Always remember you're building YOUR brand on social media, not your company's brand. You're building YOUR brand. So when it comes to your different topics or your branding buckets, these are things that you are passionate about. 

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