If you are in the slay fitness tribe you know we are currently doing a water and dry fast right now. If you are lost go here to update yourself promptly and join our Wagon.

Anyhoo straight after our fast we are introducing a more brutal workout plan to really get those results you’ve resolved to achieve this year.

This workout is known as Max 30 and goes on for 30 mins. It sure will max you out so be prepared.

Why Insanity Max: 30?
There are a couple of reasons why this workout beats others by a huge margin.

• 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week is a lot of convenience.
• Interesting and engaging moves, helping not only with looks but functional fitness as well. This program offers the chance to increase your physical preparedness tenfold. Your cardio will be off the roof, endurance too. Besides, Yoy will notice an increase in overall strength, without lifting weights.

• it is super challenging. And that’s important for great results. The great thing about Insanity Max: 30, is that you have zero chances of completing a workout back to back. Say what you will about your shape and preparedness, but it is physically impossible.
• You don’t need any equipment at all. And this is also convenient if you have a history of working out in a gym. It allows you to focus your strength on what is really important- completing the sets- and not stressing about changing machines, weights, or whatnot. This, unquestionably, results with more progress.
• There are modifications to each move. Very important if you are not up to the game. Since these workouts are brutal. Using the modifications , everyone can push according to their own level of fitness.
• Shaun T the instructor will be there for you, motivating you and making you push harder and harder each day.
• Because it works, and works wonders. After two weeks people have reportedly lost almost 7 pounds. Muscles will get shredded, and abs will show like crazy. Another great thing is the fact that so many small muscle groups pop up around that you will never, in your entire fitness background, know existed.

Hot concierge slay fitness tip

We recommend doing T25 before or after this. You should also aim to do more such as cycling or a run (during the weekend) plus 250 count skip before the daily exercise for extreme results.


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It’s insanity results all right

This could be you in just two months. Are you ready?

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