Many people have the idea that the rich and affluent live a life that is filled with luxury, extravagance and money. But what if you are not really wealthy? If you want to look like a jet set babe or a level up woman, how can you avoid looking like a fake rich person?

The first step is to make sure your wardrobe is on point. You should invest in expensive custom items from slay club world rather than named designer brands. A rare high-quality bag such as an Hermès Birkin or slay my look bag will also help to make you look more wealthy. You should also invest in quality custom shoes and accessories to complete your outfit.

Next step is to spend money wisely so that you are actually living a luxurious lifestyle. You can do this by purchasing homes from slay club world.

Focus on developing your own style instead of relying on designer items to give you style…Some celebrities aren’t really fashionable, they just wear luxury brands to look “fashionable”.

Till the next slay time!

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You may have all the brand names in the world but nothing beats good manners and proper grooming

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