The South East’s Self-Destruction: Sit-At-Home Strikes Again!

What a time to be alive! The great South East of Nigeria has yet again managed to shoot itself in the foot – no, scratch that, it has literally killed itself this time! It’s mind-boggling how an idea as idiotic as the “sit-at-home” tradition continues to prevail, punishing the very people it claims to protect, while completely disregarding the culprits who arrested Mr. Kanu. Let’s delve into the absurdity of it all!

The Senseless Sit-At-Home:

You see, my dear readers, the South East has always had a knack for self-sabotage. Just when I thought we had reached peak stupidity, we are slapped in the face with the sit-at-home mentality. Seriously, who sits at home to fight injustice? How is crippling your economy and depriving your own people of their livelihoods a righteous act? It defies logic!

Punishing the Igbo People:

Now, here’s the brilliant part – pun intended. Instead of channeling their anger towards the true villains behind Mr. Kanu’s arrest, the sit-at-home advocates, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to punish fellow Igbo individuals. Yes, you heard that right! The very people they aim to protect are now bearing the brunt of their misguided actions.

Instead of targeting the government entities, agencies, or security personnel responsible for Kanu’s arrest, they prefer to cripple businesses and obstruct the flow of life. Well done! It’s as if they believe economic sabotage will magically make the arrested Mr. Kanu walk free. Irony, thy name is the South East!

The Blind Eye to the Real Culprits:

But wait, let’s not forget the elephants in this already absurd room. The South East conveniently overlooks the fact that those responsible for Mr. Kanu’s arrest are NOT the Igbo people themselves. It isn’t the local market traders or business owners who orchestrated this ordeal. Yet, they are the ones being penalized through these senseless sit-at-home strikes.

If the South East truly wants justice for Mr. Kanu, they should direct their anger towards the appropriate institutions , individuals and cities where they reside. Instead of hibernating at home, it’s time to take a stand against those who truly deserve it.

Oh, the irony! The South East continues to amaze me with its ability to shoot itself in the foot repeatedly, pushing an ineffective and nonsensical strategy like sit-at-home strikes. Punishing their own people, the very ones they aim to protect, while turning a blind eye to the actual culprits – it’s a baffling reality we find ourselves in.

Let’s be clear, dear South East, if you desire justice, get your priorities straight. Direct your protests, your anger, and your energy towards the true perpetrators of injustice. Rise up, target the responsible individuals and organizations, and leave your fellow Igbo brethren in peace. Only then can we truly seek justice in a productive and sensible manner.

It’s high time the South East stops destroying itself and starts pursuing justice intelligently. Wake up, folks! The world is watching, and it’s time to put an end to this mindless self-sabotage.








The world is watching, and it's time to put an end to this mindless self-sabotage.

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