You probably know him as “Meet Kevin,” which is the moniker of his YouTube show in which he peddles his brand. Kevin’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million, and currently makes $6 million per month along his wife as a partner.
His real name is Kevin Paffrath, and he originally wanted to be a cop growing up in Florida. But true love intervened when he met the love of his life, his future wife Lauren, who was living in California as the daughter of a real estate couple.
Kevin and Lauren saw stars-and money-in each other’s eyes, and Kevin quickly acquired a real estate license. He wanted to start his business at19, but his age was an impediment. Instead Kevin and Lauren decided to fix up a house that was in foreclosure and flip it. One thing led to another, as the saying goes, and currently the couple owns over 20 properties, with many in renovation.
But it was his YouTube channel where Kevin found his true calling. He wants to get more people into the real estate world and the numbers say he’s sucked out a lot of bucks from a lot of people. He has almost a million followers and earns about $150,000 a month from YouTube alone.

Kevin also fancies himself a teacher, so naturally he’s selling courses on Teachable, a platform where entrepreneurs get paid to share their expertise. He earns just over $330,000 a month there, along with another $80,000 a month from affiliate programs.
Not all of Kevin’s hustles have turned to gold, however. In 2017 they added a construction arm to The Paffrath Organization, then quickly discovered they had to do real-life business stuff like hire employees, purchase materials, and work on typical real-world cost margins. Eighteen months later, they were down a million bucks.
Kevin has also been known to take the outrageousness thing a bit too far. He made some videos a while back about former mentor and real estate “mogul” – Grant Cardone in which he made fun of Cardone. The icing on the cake was when Kevin showed up at his mentor’s office with flowers to “make a point,” to use Kevin’s words.

The point didn’t exactly go over well. Kevin was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct, and he’s also spent about $100,000 on that and other related legal matters. Financially, Kevin doesn’t believe in savings accounts, so he and Lauren tend to forego them, instead choosing to invest them back in the business. Hey, hucksters gotta huckster, right?
Kevin and his wife have two children, and having a family seems to have kept Kevin’s personal life a bit more balanced. There are no guarantees for the future, of course, but as long as the market holds up and the cash registers keep singing and ringing up the big bucks, it looks like Kevin and Lauren will get to live their best happily-ever-after life.

Slaylebrity Net Worth Stats

Social fans: 1.8 million +
EST Net Worth: $60 million








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