It’s important to level up however Elegance is not just for women who have “arrived” financially. It’s for everyone and we can ALL start being elegant exactly where we are.

Lighter colours elevate you much more than when you are diving deep into the darkness

You SHOULD wear a lovely belt with jeans if you are tucking your top in. Belt loops have a purpose and it looks cheap and like something is missing without a belt. Plus, if you have to bend over, a belt prevents the jeans from moving.😬 Of course, do your best to match your belt to your footwear.

I own a lot or skinny jeans but I always wear them inside a knee high boot of some sort of pointy heeled shoe. I agree 100% that the wrong shoes can absolutely destroy your look when it comes to skinny jeans. If you want to wear ankle boots then the boot-cut jeans are the best option.

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It's time to move away from your old plain Jane self

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