How I Stopped My Parents from Getting a Divorce: A Story of Selflessness and Family Love

Contrary to woke culture a big part about marriage is not about living your best life!

Marriage and building a family is truly about forgetting about self and putting the ones we we love before ourselves.

So now that we’ve got that of the way if parents are truly selfless they’ll be thinking not just about their happiness but even more about the happiness of their kids.

It is this single fact that you can use to save your parents marriage if your parents are arguing a lot and potentially headed for divorce.

Here’s what I did in a nutshell I played on the fact that my parents love me more than they love themselves and every time they’d argue I’d throw myself on the floor and cry a pool of tears.

It didn’t work at first but I kept at it for more than a year and one day they saw me like really saw the pain they were inflicting on me by their constant arguing and they realized that this toxic environment could not go on.

Now they make a Conscious effort to resolve issues amicably without yelling at each other.

Everything you need to know in a nutshell

In a world that often emphasizes personal happiness and self-fulfillment, we sometimes overlook the profound importance of selflessness in marriage and family life. True happiness lies in putting the needs of our loved ones before our own. As children, we have a unique power to remind our parents of this selflessness, especially when their relationship is strained. In this blog post, I will share my personal experience of how I helped save my parents’ marriage by appealing to their love for me and the realization of the pain they were causing me through their constant arguing.

Recognizing the Impact:
The first step in intervening to prevent your parents’ divorce is to acknowledge the gravity of the situation. Arguments and tension between parents can have a profound impact on children, causing emotional distress and feelings of instability. Understanding this, I realized that I had the potential to play a significant role in bringing about positive change in my family.

Appealing to their Love:
Parents share a unique and unconditional love for their children. Harnessing this love can be a powerful catalyst for transforming their relationship. Whenever my parents would engage in heated arguments, I decided to visibly show my pain and anguish. I would throw myself on the floor and cry tears of genuine distress. While it didn’t work immediately, I persisted in this approach for over a year, believing that my parents’ love for me would eventually break through the wall of their disagreements.

Creating Awareness:
Through my persistent displays of distress, my parents gradually began to recognize the profound impact their arguments had on me. Witnessing my tears and understanding the emotional toll it was taking on me, they realized that their toxic environment was not sustainable. This awakening was a crucial turning point in their marriage, as they saw the pain they were inflicting on their own child.

Making a Conscious Effort:
With this newfound awareness, my parents made a conscious decision to change their approach to conflict resolution. They understood the importance of maintaining a healthy and harmonious environment for both themselves and their children. Instead of resorting to yelling and hostility, they began to communicate amicably, seeking common ground and understanding. This shift in their behavior laid the foundation for a healthier, more peaceful relationship.


Saving your parents’ marriage requires a deep understanding of the power of selflessness and the impact it can have on a family. By appealing to their love for their children and making them aware of the pain their arguments cause, we can inspire them to take action and strive for positive change. While this approach may not work in every situation, it serves as a reminder that the well-being of our loved ones should always be at the forefront of our minds. By putting their happiness before our own, we can create a more loving and harmonious family environment.

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Contrary to woke culture a big part about marriage is not about living your best life!

When parents stay together it sets a good example for their kids

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