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It seems you’ve had a lot of trouble generating a six figure income online, not to worry , I can help you fix this. The truth is all your problems are coming from everything you’ve been hearing or learning about making money online. Most of them are all lies
It doesn’t make sense but it’s true…

Why can’t these online gurus teach you anything tangible?

Because if they did, you won’t be checking out other people who are successfully using search engine and social media to build big online empires.

Just in case it’s true, and what they are teaching you is no longer working for you and you’re tired chasing people and doing a lot of work for very little results…

We got you covered, today you will understand

not only how to find the right prospects online, but how to have them find you.

It’s called magnetic marketing

Watch the video above where Adam is sharing the right way to get traffic online

and what you can do about it

Now we’ve got that bit out of the way there’s more we would love to share with you
What is the hardest thing about growing a business online? 
It is connecting with new people every day, not just sending “Hey girl” messages.
You want to start the conversation and build the relationship, not be a salesy weirdo. 
Today I will talk about my favorite messenger recruiting hack that you can start implementing right now in your business to get more conversations.

Now, I started using this hack as soon as it came out because I saw the power of it. 
So this thing, this hack, this secret, this tip, whatever you want to call it, is using Facebook stories to get into conversation. 
There are two main things I love about Facebook stories. 

The first thing, is that when somebody else posts a story, it is so easy to go and send them a message. 
From their story you can send them a direct message. Your friend could be talking about her daughter’s swimming lesson or something, right?
And you can just start the conversation with something like “congrats to her for winning! How are you? We haven’t caught up in a while.”
I love using stories to connect with other people. 
Now, keep in mind that if we are using influence marketing, we are not all about just pushing product and selling. That is not what this is about. 

It is about building friendships. 
Building friendships with people that you are already connected with on Facebook. 
When you build that relationship, who knows where the conversation is going to lead. 
A lot of times what I see happen is that as I am messaging people from their stories, and I am building a little bit of the relationship. 
Then all of a sudden they are going and commenting on my post. They are commenting on my stories. It starts building that relationship.
And the cool thing is, as your content does the selling for you, you are then able to get into messenger and continue the conversation you already started.

It is much easier to message someone about something that they have posted about than to try to think of what you are going to message out of the blue.
We want to be authentic. We want to be genuine. 
We want to have real conversations and real connections with people because they are human beings with pains and problems, and dreams and fears, and desires.
So we want to keep that in mind before we ever approach someone to sell something or buy something from us. 

The second thing I love about Facebook stories is to use it as part of my content strategy. 
I am posting things that I promote in my stories.
The great thing about stories is that if people are there watching them, they are choosing to be there. Not like in the newsfeed where they are just scrolling through.
Facebook will know who watches your stories and they are going to put your content in front of them more.
So use your stories to create engagement. Ask questions or use the poll options.

If someone is wanting more information about your product or whatever it is that you are promoting in stories, it is already in messenger.
And because it is already there, it is easier to have that back and forth conversation.
Whether its leading them to your Facebook group, or a zoom call. 
Using Facebook stories is my favorite hack of all time to get into more conversations with potential prospects and to build that relationship, connect, and grow influence. 

We know what you are thinking right now surely there’s a bigger secret to really hitting that six figure mark, well yes there is

The truth is even after doing all the above you need to partner with a strong team who have strong online and social presence also this is very important to avoid extreme burnout.

So here’s the master plan that you really need right now to change your life starting today.

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The truth is all your problems are coming from everything you’ve been hearing or learning about making money online. Most of them are all lies It doesn't make sense but it's true

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