Scattered around the globe, several hotels are offering unique accommodations that literally let you sleep with the fishes. Whether you’ve been humming Under the Sea or you count Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea as a favorite novel, these underwater hotels are the perfect escape.
Every few years, plans for a new, grand underwater resort seem to appear. But in actuality, building underwater is no easy feat due to environmental concerns and financial obstacles. So, where can one actually stay if you want to call and book a room tonight?

Don’t worry, there are several options ranging from spare and spartan to full, opulent luxury. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a memorable stay.

Here are our top recommended underwater hotels with unbeatable undersea views.

Could you imagine waking up and find a shark staring at you?

Everything you need to know about the Rangali Underwater suite

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You literally dream of sleeping with fishes, well dream no more. Discover the hotels that will make your dreams come true

Atlantis the Palm (Dubai, UAE)

It goes without saying nobody does opulence quite like the Dubainians! The Underwater Suites at the Atlantis the Palm in Dubai are a lesson in luxury. The enormous floor-to-ceiling windows allowing a view of marine life from your bed are just the icing on the cake. Named Poseidon and Neptune after the gods of the sea, the sprawling suites also come with 24-hour butler service. And while the suites, which run $8,200 a night, aren't under the sea, their views of the 65,000 marine animals of Ambassador Lagoon aquarium create the illusion.

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Hilton's Conrad Rangali Island Resort (Maldives)

In late 2018, the Rangali Island Resort opened what they've called the “world's first underwater villa.” The Muraka can sleep nine people and is filled with luxury touches to make your time in the Maldives even more special. The two-level structure has a lower level sunk 16 feet below sea level with a master suite, bathroom, and lounge. Up above, a gym, butler’s quarters, security quarters, second living room, kitchen, bar, and deck provide all the rest and relaxation your party will need for an unforgettable vacation.

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Lovers Deep Submarine (Caribbean)

Why settle for one room when you can have your entire living quarters submerged? Since 2014, luxury villa rental agency Oliver's Travels has been offering stays in this incredible submarine. A chef and personal butler are on staff to ensure 5-star service. Suited for couples looking to keep the romance alive, oysters and caviar are part of a specially developed aphrodisiac tasting menu. The price tag? From $215,000 a night.

Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)

Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore offers 11 Ocean Suites built as townhouses on two levels. Divided into land on the upper, living area and sea, in the underwater sleeping chambers, the suites offer the best of both worlds. Your personal butler will cater to you as you take in the view of the world's largest aquarium. A stay in the suites runs about $1,200 per night.

Manta Resort (Zanzibar)

Located off Pemba Island on the Zanzibar archipelago, the Manta Resort is the definition of tropical luxury. The floating hotel offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and African coastline from above and a unique perspective on what lies below in its sunken bedrooms. With each room placed about 13 feet below sea level, relaxing in the ocean has never been so easy. Rooms run from $1,500 per night.

Utter Inn (Vasteras, Sweden)

Want to sleep underwater but can't afford a steep price? This quaint underwater cabin in Sweden might be the perfect solution. The Utter Inn was designed by a local artist and while it appears to be a typical Swedish house floating on water, it actually has a small bedroom sunk about 10 feet below the surface. No frills or fuss, it makes a great weekend getaway at just $250 a night.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge (Key Largo, Florida)

Another, slightly more budget-friendly, option is aptly named after Jules Verne. Located off the Florida coast near Puerto Rico, Jules' Undersea Lodge is actually the world's oldest underwater hotel. This former research center is perfect for intrepid travelers who won't mind having to scuba dive 21 feet down into the main foyer. Once inside, the cozy rooms are perfect for couples and you can even order in a chef, who will scuba down to cook for you. A stay here will cost from $675 a night.

Bambu Indah Hotel (Bali, Indonesia)

While the Bambu Indah Hotel in Bali isn't underwater, the view from its Udang House is so incredible, we had to include it. The tempered glass floor gives spectacular views into the shrimp pond the house was built upon, meaning you could spend hours lounging and gazing at the marine activity while in bed.

InterContinental Shimao Wonderland (Shanghai, China)

The InterContinental Shimao Wonderland, located close the Shanghai, finally opened to the public in late 2018 after a decade of construction. Architects Atkins Design built the futuristic, luxury accommodations into the side of a quarry. The 370-room hotel includes two underwater levels holding a restaurant and guest rooms. There is an artificial waterfall on site and guests are encouraged to partake in water sports in the hotel's large sports center.

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