There’s something about after dinner you know what!

He loved having her like this, his little puppet, writhing on his hand.
Man, she was really cute. He watched her puttering ineptly around his kitchen, holding himself back from interfering. She was making dinner for him tonight and he was letting her, sitting at the counter with a glass of red wine which she had declined. James found all of her clumsiness and awkwardness adorable and couldn’t refrain from laughing out loud when she stood a mile away from the stove sauteing chicken while holding onto the very tip of the spatula handle.
“You alright there, kiddo?” He checked in with her. She shot him a quick glance, her face flushed.
“Yeah, I’m good.”
He knew that she was younger, that she was living in a dorm and hadn’t had much opportunity to cook, but she insisted that she’d cook for him. She wanted to. He wasn’t a chef by any means, but having spare time and interest, he read a few books and had taken a few classes, just for fun. On top of the fact that he had been living alone and cooking for himself for nearly ten years now.
She served up the Salsa Chicken she had made over yellow rice with a side of steamed corn. It wasn’t bad, no, not at all. But it was sauteed chicken with jarred salsa, boxed rice, and bagged corn. She wasn’t into wine, she said, and he wondered if she was just afraid to take him up on the offer since she was only 20 and underage.
“Don’t worry, I won’t turn you in to the cops,” he joked.
“It’s fine,” she shook her head. “I’m fine with Sprite.”
She was so pleased with herself and he loved seeing that freckled face light up. She wore barely any makeup, whenever he saw her, and it wasn’t an exception now. Her lashes seemed ever so slightly amplified with mascara and perhaps there had been some lip gloss on her lips when she had first come in, but she had chewed it all away by now.

Lexi cleared the dishes from the table and set them in the sink.
“I’ll do them later. Come ‘ere,” he called to her.
She came around the counter and he caught her in his arms, pulling her to him. She felt so slight in his arms, tipping her head back to look at him, but that was perfect. He had been drawn to her, that petite cuteness, to how fresh and new she seemed. He bent his head to kiss her and she immediately opened up to him, inviting him inside her mouth. Her eagerness was delicious! Her tongue swirled around his like an excited puppy, begging for attention. He let his hands roam over her, cupping her ass, reaching back up to her face, everywhere in between.
She whimpered right into his mouth and he swallowed her sounds, savoring each one. James spun her around, pressing her back against the wall, and pinned her there with his body. She rubbed her palms over his chest but didn’t push him away, her mouth continuing to tangle with his. ‘Oh, pretty girl,’ he thought as he worked on the button of her jeans with one dexterous hand, ‘you have no idea what I want to do to you right now.’ She squirmed as his hand slid inside her pants and right into her panties. A cotton pair, he could feel. Did she not think he’d get in there tonight?
“What’s wrong?” he asked, his face above hers, hand paused on her belly just above her mound.
“Nothing,” she giggled, shaking her head slightly. “I’m just ticklish.”
“Oh, you’re ticklish,” his fingers wiggled against her skin and she grasped his shirt in both her hands, trying to restrain laughter. “Oh, are you ticklish here too?” He dipped his hand lower, finger tracing her seam. She sobered up, shaking her head, her cheeks on fire. “That’s really good to know,” he told her before letting his finger slide inside her folds while his mouth covered hers once more.
His fingers moved back and forth through her wetness before he pressed them inside her. Lexi squirmed again, moaning into his mouth, but he sank them inside her to the hilt. He loved having her like this, his little puppet, writhing on his hand. He fucked her with his fingers while their lips mashed together and it was exactly what he wanted.

“I… Ugh…” the words poured into his mouth and Lexi shuddered, clenching around his fingers.
He smiled to himself. It was as easy as he thought it would be to make her come. They’d only kissed before, quite chastely, after their last date. He hoped that having her at his place would change that and it did. Lexi was melting in his hand, and he loved watching it.
She eased down from the peak and he resumed his finger fucking. He drove her up the wall as she rose up on tiptoes from his thrusts. His erection strained inside his jeans and he pressed it against her thigh, straddling her leg.
“Do you feel that, kiddo?” he asked her, eyes fixed on hers.
“Yeah,” her voice was high and strained.
“It’s your hot little body that’s doing this to me.” He rubbed himself up and down her thigh.
She whimpered in response again, her hands tightening on his shirt. He wondered if anyone had ever made her come like this, standing up, against the wall. He definitely didn’t have these moves when he was her age.
His thumb drew circles over her clit while he bent down and licked her neck, then kissed it, then sucked on an especially tender part behind her ear.
“Mmmm!” She let out a high-pitched moan and trembled, holding onto him for dear life. She was coming again and he loved seeing her like this.
“You’ve got a really light trigger, huh?” The wide-eyed look she gave him made James chuckle. She didn’t understand what he meant.
He pulled his fingers out from inside her pants and brought them to his lips, licking them while she watched. Her mouth hung open slightly as he sucked her juices from his digits.
“You’d make a perfect dessert,” he told her, grinning smugly. He slid his wet fingers over her lips too as she just stared.
Then she was sinking down. Her hands dropped to his pants and she was freeing his throbbing cock through his fly faster than he could react. She had surprised him, certainly, taking things into her own hands this way. He watched her slide her hand along the shaft a few times before she stuck her tongue out to lick the length.
She was so good, the way she synched her hand movement with her mouth, taking him inside. He had planned to toy with her a while longer, but now she had him reconsidering his plans. Her lips slid up and down his shaft, taking him deep. James leaned a hand against the wall, letting it take his weight, while he rocked gently into Lexi’s open mouth.

“Oh, you’re so good,” he told her. “Fuck…”
He had her pinned again, the back of her head against the wall, his cock thrusting into her mouth. She looked up at his eyes, taking deep breaths through her nose. Her expression seemed to say, ‘I can take it, just let go.’ And he did.
He thrust in deeper, feeling the tip of him slide back into her throat, and then release washed over him. James pulled back, leaving just the tip of his cock between her lips as shot after shot of hot cum erupted from it. She swallowed deeply, her face all flushed and glowing. She waited to catch every last drop from his cock before she licked the head and pulled her mouth away.
“You alright there, kiddo?” he reached down to lift her up from the floor. She met him with a brilliant, proud smile.
“Yeah, I’m good.”


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








There’s something about after dinner you know what!

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