My Audi GT Coupe was totalled one Sunday February night in 1991 as I drove from Park Slope back to the office on Wall Street for an all nighter.
I slowed down at the green light to make sure everyone was stopped. Both lanes of traffic had lines of headlights in both directions.
A Chevy Blazer however decided to cut in front of the line and be under the light when it turned green. To do that, he had to drive in the other lane, which was empty due to the light.
As I made my left turn, the light was yellow. Just before I completed the turn, he hit me.
At least a dozen witnesses saw the accident. Police told my ex that if I’d been driving an American car, it would have been split right in half.
But this was a German car, a steel box. My head cracked the driver’s window. But an MRI showed no damage. Although I was in shock for 2 weeks, and couldn’t work, I lived. As a new mother, I was really lucky.
They never caught him.
If I hadn’t slowed down to check the traffic, he would’ve hit me head-on, and I’d be decapitated. Plus, I was not wearing a seatbelt. That would have left my 2 month old Holly with no mother.
Loved that car. But nothing lasts forever. And I never drove again without a seatbelt.

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