Kylie Jenner has been spending quarantine treating her 1-year-old daughter Stormi Webster like royalty. Jenner has been co-parenting with Stormi’s father and her rumored boyfriend, Travis Scott, during quarantine. According to HollywoodLife, Jenner isn’t afraid to admit that she has been spoiling her daughter during quarantine.

Jenner shared that Stormi has been completely oblivious and that she “has no idea what’s going on, it’s amazing.”
Jenner also confessed that she has been spoiling Stormi by buying every outdoor toy out there including a slip n’ slide.
“I have bought her every single outdoor toy you could imagine,” the billionaire revealed. “She has bouncy houses out there, water toys.”
Jenner explained she just wants the best for her daughter.
“She’s been outside everyday, just living her best life – I’m trying to keep her entertained,” Jenner added.
Jenner said that while she’s been spoiling Stormi, she’s been cutting back on her high maintenance beauty routine.

Stormi Webster is definitely a Billionaire Bambini

Can someone who hangs out with her kid so much be called a bad mom?

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When you grow up believing you are Kylie Jenner!

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