It’s a grim scene at the Golden Gate Bridge, but don’t fear. The reaper’s not real.

An animation posted to Instagram paints the picture of what appears to be a towering Grim Reaper cloaked in red gripping one of the towers and a cable of the iconic bridge while peering down at cars zooming by below. To make the scene even more eerie, light rain falls across the gloomy landscape throughout the short video.

In its first 24 hours of shelf life on Instagram, the animation garnered more than nine million views and counting.
The video had social media users both entralled as well as a little terrified.

“This is so cool and so creepy,” commented Instagram user @lalita02412.
“This is terrifying,” another Instagram user commented.

Others asked Instagram to reach out to Justin Leduc — the artist behind the animation. “You guys should fly this dude out to your office. Probably the biggest blowup your app @instagram has ever seen,” @Elliot.Bisson said.
The video garnered thousands of comments on the San Francisco Reddit subgroup. Someone posted it with the caption: “Have a safe commute today!”

It was also posted by the artist on the Reddit group “Creepy,” where it received more than 71,000 views.

One Reddit user commented: “Living in the Bay Area, the only thing unrealistic is the light traffic on the bridge.”

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Grim Reaper on Golden Gate Bridge creeps out the Internet
Source: @justinleduc

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