The new Shenzhen Wanda Plaza China will send you to Mars.

A world’s highest and longest indoor escalator with a length of 64 meters and a height of 30 meters, an indoor glass walkway bridge with a length of 77.77 meters, indoor equestrian hall, indoor surfing hall and indoor pet 4S shop. Is this the Wanda Plaza you remember? On September 17, Shenzhen Longgang Wanda Plaza, the first wanda plaza of the fourth generation, was officially opened.
This is the 392nd Wanda Plaza opened by Wanda, an asset-light wanda plaza converted from a previously defunct building materials market. In the past two decades, Wanda Plaza has been upgraded three times, from individual stores to urban complexes. If the first three generations of Wanda Plazas have been built as “business centers”, then the fourth generation of Wanda Plazas is built as “life centers” with interactive experiences. Compared with the previous three generations of Wanda Plazas, the fourth generation of Longgang Wanda Plaza has three innovations.
Scene innovation leads life. Longgang Wanda Plaza subverts the design concept of traditional commercial complex, focusing more on the innovation of life scenes and leading a better lifestyle through innovative scenes. Centering on the three core themes of ecological nature, fashion science and technology, and humanities and arts, Longgang Wanda Plaza has reconstructed its 305,000 square meters of internal space, elaborately creating seven theme Spaces with completely different contents and scenes: the underground floor is the theme of The Times train, connecting the three famous Internet attractions; The first floor has a straight ladder to the sixth floor, a giant curtain eye, suspended planets, together constitute the wonders of the sky; The second floor uses the combination of buildings and light and shadow to create a spatio-temporal interlacing space; The third floor, from the perspective of children, creates a collection of nature, science fiction, art in one “Sink 㓎 Type “experience; The fourth floor is the world’s longest indoor glass walkway with a length of 77.77 meters, creating a romantic love theme. The fifth floor “Exploring Jiuzhou” has created the largest food culture museum in China. The six-story night economy theme of the night street, huge canopy and young people perfect interaction.
Format innovation highlights experience. Among more than 370 featured brands settled in Longgang Wanda, there are more than 150 national first stores and innovative concept flagship stores. Among them, Longgang Wanda Plaza for the first time introduced a number of customized stores for experience business, including 3.0 Version riding equestrian, the first brand of domestic human CS sport “Laser War Big League”, and banana climbing, a large chain climbing gym in China. Wanda has also introduced a surfing pavilion to Longgang for the first time, as well as a trampoline park, a pet 4S store and a cultural and creative bookstore. According to statistics, shenzhen Longgang Wanda Plaza has more than 80% interactive experience business and less than 20% retail business.

The scene leads fashion, the format highlights experience, and management relies on science and technology. The fourth generation Of Longgang Wanda Plaza has completed a disruptive innovation, breaking through the boundary of the commercial center, and integrating a large number of cultural, sports, tourism and other formats related to a better life, becoming a new species of commercial consumption in China.








Source China News

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