GO PINK DAY , every 5th of October, is a cancer prevention initiative by BWS laumched in 2015, as part of INTERNATIONAL CANCER WEEK!! Since its inception BWS has spurred a considerable number of Stakeholders to adopt it !


what roles can you play in making this mission possible??

Half a century ago, we were in the dark about cancer. We didn’t know who it would touch or when it would strike.
But in 1982, some International Research organizations, such as; American Institute For Cancer Research, etc, conducted studies that provided compiled dietary guidelines to shed light on the truth about cancer prevention – which is, that;  everyone has the power to reduce their own Cancer Risk*! 
Today, evidence exists that around 40% of all cancer is preventable. (That is a huge no)!
That’s why our work at BWS, to disseminate vital information to our population about who is at risk, why & how to cut those risks, & when and where to get screened/vaccinated, is so critical!!
BWS prevention plans, learnt/accumulated over time, through literature reviews, has potential to, save lives, by stopping cancer before it starts*.
But to keep this work going, we depend on support from generous donors, like MTN.

BWS is also dedicated to bring ‘Cutting Edge Research findings/ideas from current Global researches, to the doorstep of our Populace, in easily comprehensible language!
Such ‘On-going’ Researches, providing answers to: number of minutes needed on physical Exercise, ‘how and why people get cancer’, and ‘what steps you and I can take to prevent it’
BWS has embraced an approach to cancer prevention that is holistic, because no two people or lifestyles are the same. Thus Development of one’s overall Lifestyle, Spiritual life, & letting go of ‘It’s Not My Portion’ Mindset, as well as Cancer sharing same Risk Factors with other NCDs, {such as Hypertension, Stroke, Cardiac Arrest, Diabetes, Premature Aging},  are emphasized in our advocacy, as there are strong scientific proofs of the benefit of these in the entire continuum of Cancer Prevention and Care.

In 2018 alone, there were 116,000 new cases of cancer in Nigeria and over 70,000 deaths-higher than the estimates for HIV/AIDS.
Cancer awareness is low in Nigeria, as the majority of citizens are not aware of simple strategies for prevention.
Due to the fact that the majority of cancer cases in Nigeria present late, mostly when the cancers have spread and not very responsive to treatment.
This ‘Late Presentation’ results in poor outcomes, mostly death, fueling the negative narrative of ‘Cancer being A Death Sentence’.

The Truth That We Know

Awareness days or months is a strategy employed all over the word to commemorate a public health day or social issue of importance at the National or international level.
•Awareness days increase corporate responsibility and top of mind awareness (TOMA), about various social and health issues.
•Cancer deaths can be reduced through primary prevention strategies such as effective and creative communication approaches

How to partner with BWS

•Send SMS Messages to Our Nigerian Populace, ahead of 5th of October, to identify with the ‘FIFTH OF OCTOBER, NATIONWIDE, GO PINK DAY, by spotting a touch of pink
•Send GO PINK SMS ‘Breast Cancer Prevention, & Screening Information Messages’ to all YOUR CONTACTS (which BWS will partner with YOU to craft)
•Purchase customised ‘GO-PINK branded’ T-shirt/Cap (N5,000 per set) to wear on the 5th of October
•Support production of customised fliers to distribute to YOUR clients, at YOUR  Offices. (Cost will depend on how many fliers MTN wants & if MTN logo is to be included on the fliers)
•To help with achieving a viral status of this campaign, by running the ‘FIFTH OF OCTOBER, NATIONWIDE, GO PINK DAY’ messages on your media advertorials or Bill Boards.
•Generally, endorsing the campaign and participating enthusiastically through YOUR social media channels.
•Encourage YOUR staff/Customers to attend any of the free cancer screening and health talks in venues around them, throughout this October (BWS will supply all these information)
•To Influence YOUR Partner organisations to join in the awareness
•To make donations in cash and/or kind to support the ‘BWS Treatment Intervention Fund For Indigent Patients’ or to support ‘Services provided by BWS’, year round.

Why Consider our Proposal

We all have a role to play in making sure:
● Vital Cancer Education Messages are continuously available to our populace
●Cancer Control/Research are @ the forefront of our Country’s HealthCare Agenda
BWS won’t ever stop pushing the envelope to save more lives, and we need you fighting by our side.
We therefore want to enlist YOU & YOUR ORGANISATION to Generously Partner With BWS work, to achieve a wider reach/impact for this work of Mercy!

●Will not only, scale up BWS work to disseminate information on the underlying causes of cancer
●but will, increase the support BWS nees to;
●build capacity of more Cancer Prevention Advocates across the country
●Optimize opportunities for mass Screening for early detection of Cancer in local communities
● Vaccinate more relevant populations against Cancers of Cervix, etc.

To make donation pls contact

Prof Ifeoma Okoye
President and Founder,
Breast Without Spot (BWS)
Telephone: +234803 331 4449
Email: ifeomaokoye@unncolmed.org


Brace yourselves Bright pink everything is coming

You can help us make a change join the movement

Spare no day, no minute, no second...Time isn’t promised it is permitted

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