Game of thrones is One of the best series which portrays the human nature at both Extremes. Loyalty and Betrayal, Love & Hate, family and Incest, war and peace, Angelic Adults & monstrous children etc the list won’t end…
What better way than to encapsulate this into your very own Game of Thrones party.

This guy turned 40 and decided to do just that and he looks like he had the most amazing time. The Decor by @kidskulture left nothing out.
From the Iron throne, to the MicroThrone (microphone throne ), to the House flags, the dragon eggs, the mapped tables, the show quotes, the wall, the archery area, to even cutlery and the Ale.

@ksquaresecurity dressed the security as unsullied.
@costumeshoplekki made the outfit. @ofadaboy dressed all the servers appropriately and served the best Ale. @cakesbyhazel made the cake @livvystwist made another cake
. @justacakeng made a chocolate cake which was finished in an hour. @cinematicsng and @libraneyephotography courted the event @flexy_dj played the music . And finally Damilola Macauley delivered this event.

HBO would be proud Or would they?

Die Hard Game of Thrones Fans

Source: @ikosakioduwa

HBO would be proud or would they?

Source: @ikosakioduwa

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