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The Red-Haired Girl’s Solo Performance
On assignment from Hayden, Katie films herself masturbating.

It was after midnight when Hayden drove Katie back to her college dorm after their evening together. She had an early class in the morning and didn’t have another change of clothes after having stayed with him the night before. Katie felt relaxed in his presence, in his leather upholstered car, with his hand resting casually on her thigh.
“There’s something I want you to do for me before I see you next,” Hayden told her, keeping his eyes on the road, not turning to look at her.
“What is it?” She was eager to hear what he had in mind. It had been a while since he had given her an assignment.
“I need you to make a little video for me, of just you, playing with yourself. Using only your hands. Set the phone down somewhere so that you don’t have to hold it, but no toys. No dildos or vibrators or any foreign objects,” he explained to her. She nodded along, biting her lip, her thighs pressing together while she squeezed her hands in underneath them on the seat. He looked over at her to check her face. “Understand?”
“Yes, Hayden.”
“I’d like to have that, just for me, you know.” He winked at her.

She put a lot of thought into what she would do before she set the mini tripod up at the end of her bed. She wanted to make it interesting, have it be more than just her rubbing her clit for five minutes while laying on her back. She imagined that what she’d do would make Hayden instantly hard and unable to resist touching himself while he watched her touching herself.
Katie laid down on her belly, facing the camera, and flipped her long, red hair over her shoulder. She licked her lips and smiled at her own image. She decided to start off in a tank top and panties, to make it a little more interesting. She started recording and blew a kiss at the camera.
Just the idea of doing this for the camera, for Hayden, turned her on and caused a tingling sensation between her legs. Sure, she’d sent him pictures before and short clips of a few seconds long, showing him that she had inserted the plug in her ass. But this felt bigger. And the idea of him having a recording of her getting off on her fingers, one that he could use anytime, anyplace for himself, was a hot one.
She played with her nipples through her tank top to start, getting them hard so that they were indisputably visible through her top. She tugged at them while biting her lip, her thighs pressing together involuntarily at the feeling that rippled through her. Then she let one hand slip down her belly, between her legs, as her hips moved against her fingers of their own accord. She held her hand below herself, her head cocked, watching herself on her phone screen while her pussy ground against her fingers.
It wasn’t long before she felt the fabric of the panties soaked from what she had been doing. Katie rose up on her knees, coming closer to where she had the camera set up to show off the wet stain on her panties.
“Look how horny I am for you,” she said out loud. She blushed at the words, feeling a little silly saying them alone in her dorm room instead of to him.
She lowered her panties down her thighs but didn’t take them off entirely, leaving them mid-thigh. Her fingers slipped into her wet folds, sliding back and forth, and she found herself watching their progress. Everything between her legs felt so slick and swollen, so keyed up already, just at the thought of doing this for the camera.
“Mhmmm,” she moaned when she reached her clit and had to back away immediately. It was too soon.
In her head, she heard Hayden’s voice telling her that she needed to show him her tits and she reached up to yank her tank top down, letting her breasts out over the top. The way the neckline propped them up made them seem a bit rounder, and her cleavage a bit deeper. She pinched each nipple again to get them hard and bit her lip at how good that felt.
This turned out to be an exercise in patience, making herself feel so good and not wanting to finish too fast. She used her fingers inside her pussy, thrusting them in at first, then leaving her hand still on the bed and riding her fingers. She kept returning to her nipples and with every tug, it was harder to resist coming. Her eyes kept falling shut while her thighs trembled, on edge, so close to the release. But she knew exactly how she wanted to come.
She laid down on her back, once she was finally ready, and raised her legs up in the air, folding them towards her chest. Her head was away from the camera leaving her pussy on full display. Stretching slightly, she took the panties that were still around her legs, between her teeth. She thought this might look sexy as well as help her keep the position with her legs up in the air.
She couldn’t quite see herself on camera, but she imagined the screen was filled with her pussy. She used both hands, one to fuck herself with three fingers inside her channel and the other hand rubbing her clit in a circular, massaging motion. The panties in her mouth stifled her moans as she drove herself closer and closer to the edge. She imagined that if Hayden had been there, in the room with her, he would have smacked her ass right then and that thought pushed her over.
She shuddered, her thighs quaking as the strong orgasm rattled through her. She felt herself flowing out onto her fingers, while her other hand slipped and slid through the mess over her clit.
“Oh Go-oood,” she whined the words, letting go of her panties and letting her legs down. She planted her feet on the bed and breathed heavily. That had been intense.
She willed herself to sit up and face the camera again as she brought her slick fingers to her lips. She licked each one carefully for the camera. She knew that Hayden would really like that. Once her fingers were licked clean, she waved into the camera with a brilliant smile and stopped the recording.
She was pretty proud of herself. And she thought Hayden would be too.


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No funny objects just me!

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