Raise your standards and sail above the waves at 40 knots in full comfort.
With an avant-garde propulsion system combining two diesel and electric 320HP engines, and ENATA’s custom electric torpedoes, the FOILER is redefining sailing and day cruising.
The hydro-foiling system, enabling the boat to fly 1.5m above the water, provides an unmatched experience, where speed and reactivity are the centre-pieces.

Experience a unique sense of tranquillity and comfort at high speeds.
Anchored in the water by four powerful foils, the FOILER is both extremely stable and immune to wave interference. Driving the FOILER is surprisingly easy and effortless, and the subtle luxury will make any sailing session a relaxing and memorable experience.

Let’s admit it. With her retractable foils, futuristic design, unique presence and bold extravagance, the FOILER will probably create a little drama in your life…. but who wouldn’t want that?

Now don’t you just feel the urge to fly?
It isn’t a dream anymore.

The Foiler is the full package, combining speed with an innovative luxury design. Built entirely from carbon fibre it combines comfort, efficiency and speed in equal measure, without compromise. Handling like a super car, the Formula 1 of tenders, the Foiler is able to execute fast precise turns and is instinctive to steer and operate. Switching between Fly Mode and Float Mode (where the foils retract) at the push of a button she morphs from a normal looking luxury tender to a flying yacht in seconds. Sleekly designed, Garage Mode sees the yacht fold down to fit into almost any superyacht garage.

delivered to Dubai, excluding VAT.
Global delivery available via sea or air cargo.
Payable in EUR, USD or AED.
The lead time is currently 12 months after payment of the first deposit.

Payment stages
Initial Payment: 40%
Upon Hull Molding: 15%
Upon Hull Un-molding: 15%
Upon Engines Installation: 20%
On Completion EX Factory: 10%

To purchase Contact
* contact@foiler.com or click here
* Tel: +971 6 514 7888 or ring Leo Jordon at +377 97 98 24 24
Al Hamriyah Free Zone,
Inner Harbour Plot HD-15,Sharjah, UAE
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Raise your standards

Soo sleek and sexy

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