A Private Island to call your very own may sound like a fantasy or a lifelong dream, but with Amillarah Private Islands it is a very real possibility.

Private Islands are the unique embodiment of luxury, privacy and freedom. They are like diamonds, the beauty is essential but rarity makes any commodity infinitely more desirable.
Private Islands are an invitation to dream and linger, a place to escape the hustle and bustle and strains of everyday life. The surrounding water creates a natural boundary that provides private island dwellers with a freedom not found in any piece of real estate on the mainland. It is like having your own castle protected by the nature’s own moat.

Despite these unique characteristics, there is also a reverse side to the current conventional market of Private Islands. Many Private islands are too isolated and therefore difficult to reach, the construction and maintenance of the facilities are very expensive, they are threatened by rising sea levels and the rarity causes the problem that the demand outweighs the supply.
With Amillarah Private Islands, these disadvantages belong now to the past.

Building on a long history of Dutch on-water properties, designer famed Koen Olthuis is leading the world with his designs for bespoke, Floating islands which are completely self-sustainable, ‘scarless’ and safe from rising sea levels and free from environmental impact.

Whether you prefer a romantic styled island surrounded by natural green, your own tropical island with white sandy beaches or a modern urban contemporary styled island, it is up to you!

Not only can you customise the size, shape and style of your luxurious Floating residence, but you can also pick where you want it to be located. Miami? Maldives? Dubai? New York? The choice is all yours!

In any shape and at any place in the world, you can now own your own Amillarah Private Island.

Price: from $12.5M


Discover the THE NEW TREND IN LUXURY REAL ESTATE, Financial return is not the primary motivation here. This is the ultimate trophy asset of all time

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