If swimming with sharks is present on your bucket list, or even just a passing thought, then I have to say I love the way you think! After hearing the statement, “I want to go swimming with sharks,” most people’s first reaction would be “Are you crazy?!” While it is true that any brave-heart who decides to delve in the ocean alongside a massive fish who owns hundreds of teeth, has to be on their guard, it is still very possible, and even realistic, for a human to swim with a shark and live to tell the tale; and talk about an adrenaline rush! If you are someone who is seriously considering an underwater experience with one of the world’s most famous predators, or you’re just curious about this particular subject, please take note of the important tips that I have provided for you.

Do Your Research!

Before you just dive headfirst into the ocean, do your homework. Find out as much as you possibly can about the area in which you want to experience a shark encounter. It is of the utmost importance that you find out which species of shark inhabit your chosen area, and how they behave. Not all sharks react the same way, and having this knowledge prior to jumping in shark-infested waters is a great precaution. Furthermore, sharks oftentimes conduct themselves one way in the daytime, and another way at night. Weather, water turbulence, and the season may also have major impacts on the ways in which different species of sharks act. Therefore, it just doesn’t hurt to investigate the waters before you delve into them.

Use The Buddy System
You are not the only one who believes that swimming with sharks is a fantastic idea, and if you get the courage to jump in, I wouldn’t suggest that you do it alone. You may not be fortunate enough to have plenty of adrenaline junky friends, but there are plenty of people out who share a shark passion. If you plan to experience sharks while in a cage with trained professionals, that would be awesome, it is actually what I suggest if you have never worked with sharks before. However, if you are the type of person who has no problem diving in close proximity to sharks, please don’t do it unaccompanied. It doesn’t hurt to have another set of eyes around, and in fact, if would be wise for you and your partner to come up with hand gestures in order to communicate with each other.

You Are A Guest In THEIR House!
Whether you are anticipating a meeting with giant fish or not, always be on you’re best behavior upon entering the Ocean. In truth, we should all be on their best behavior whether on land or sea; but since we are less familiar with the deep blue, I will emphasize the importance of behaving underwater. Remember that there is an unbelievable amount of life in the ocean, and we should look out for them as well as the sharks. Now when it comes to the sharks themselves, be sure to conduct yourselves with the utmost amount of respect. Do not reach out to the shark; let the shark come to you. They may decide to inspect you, or they may not. No matter what, do not try corner or handle them in any way; they may become threatened by your gestures, and feel the need to protect themselves. Also, do not forget to avert your eyes. I understand that the sight of a shark is unforgettable. Nevertheless, staring is rude whether it be at people or sharks. The last thing any diver wants is to make a shark uncomfortable or defensive, therefore, be sure to keep an eye on the shark without letting them bug out of their sockets.

Don’t Feed The Sharks
If you happened to tune into “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel, you may have seen a few professional divers and scientists feed fish to the sharks they encountered. However I place emphasis on the world “professional.” If you do not deal with sharks professionally, do not try to stick a fish in a shark’s mouth. While it may make sense to give food to the shark in order for them to realize that you mean them no harm, this may very likely cause other sharks to come to the vicinity. Remember that sharks have an outstanding sense of smell, and if the scent of your bait catches their noses, they will come. Swimming with sharks may be awesome, but accidentally luring many food-expecting sharks is a whole different story.

Jump In And Be Amazed!
Well that covers some of the basic things that anyone planning on swimming with sharks should know. It is expected for people to have a certain amount of fear before getting in the water with sharks, but chances are likely that you’ll be just fine. Always be on your guard nonetheless, and use your intuition. If you feel that there’s something fishy going on (pun intended) get out of the water. And if you feel completely uneasy before diving, don’t do it. It isn’t worth the possibility of alarming the shark because you freaked out. Harming humans in any way is not part of the typical shark’s agenda, although many believe it is. So relax and experience swimming with sharks in all its wonder.

By Mike Rogers

Are you crazy enough to swim with sharks?

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