Every Jet Set babe must level up their wardrobe when it comes to their extravagant holidays.

Recent seasons have seen designers light up the runways with vibrant tangerines, neon oranges and amped-up corals that look great and wearable all at once.
There’s a shade on the orange spectrum for every emotion and skin tone. And there are just as many names to describe the colour — tangerine, mandarin, orange, persimmon, tangelo, vermillion, carrot, saffron, salmon, peach, coral …
As far as colours go, orange can come across as very aggressive. It is vibrant and demands attention, and is the colour of creativity and fascination. So if you want to get noticed or tell the world you’re happy, ambitious and a little extroverted, wear orange. 
It is also the symbol of strength and courage, endurance and physical energy.  That energy can also read as very optimistic and enthusiastic.
Usually considered a summer colour, a dash of orange livens up a cold winter’s day. While brown-based orange hues — think burnt orange, rust, terracotta and pumpkin — are often synonymous with autumn. Softer orange shades, such as peach, coral and salmon, are friendlier and more soothing.
But for many, it is a hard colour to pull off. Orange sparks more controversy than any other colour and generally elicits a stronger “love it” or “hate it” response. Statement colours such as orange, have the potential to take over you. Instead, wear the colour confidently.
Surprisingly though, it is a very flattering colour as it instantly adds a natural healthy glow to your skin. And every woman needs just a flush of colour!
However, if you’re not used to wearing orange it can be a little tricky.

Luckily Slay my look already has your back.

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