Situated five metres below the surface of the North Atlantic in Lindesnes, Norway, restaurant Under provides diners with a panoramic view of the ocean floor.

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Is your party more than 8? Contact Under

A restaurant five and a half meters below the surface in Norway

Exposing you to the wonders beneath the sea.

A unique dining experience that ushers guests beyond their comfort zone

Fresh ingredients and pure, naked flavors are of utmost importance here

Under aims to provide a journey into the unknown

Welcoming guests to immerse themselves in the Norwegian marine ecosystem

Under provides a new niche for underwater tourism.

Each guest will be given a unique opportunity to experience a submerged universe, exploring marine life in ways they otherwise may never see.

Not your average window cleaning!

Now when Spring is in full effect both over and under water, and the Sea is filled with nutrients - restaurant under have a diver coming by two times a week for this procedure. There’s different species coming by every day to have a look at their new neighbor, and some stopping by on an everyday basis, like the Cod they decided to name Oscar.

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