This is the riveting story of Anneke Lucas who was Sold by her mother into a murderous pedophile network at six years of age.

I was known as the girl used for the VIP’s.
The game was that they would all flirt with me, but I would choose only one. I was the prize.
The leader of the group of men I had to choose from, I found out in adulthood, was the longstanding prime minister of a large European country. I was ten years old, and I was part of a transaction that occurred between two countries — a weapons deal I believe.
Once we were alone, the little man turned into a little boy who wanted to be punished.”
— Anneke Lucas

Anneke was sold into the murderous pedophile network in Belgium when she was only six years old. Her family’s cleaning lady “abused and groomed her” before pimping her out to an exclusive club for drug-fueled orgies.
Despite her many protests, her mother not only discarded her cry for help but got involved and began driving her to the events herself.
The young girl felt as though she lived a double life since she still lived at home and attended school during the week. When she returned home for the school week, her mother and stepfather acted as though nothing had happened. Their denial made her question her reality and gas-lit her into believing what she was experiencing was a “normal” childhood.
Shortly after her sixth birthday, in 1969, Anneke was taken to an orgy for the first time, in a castle. Used for a sadomasochism (S&M) show, chained up with an iron dog collar, and made to eat human feces, she was left lying there, humiliated like a broken object.
The children were often brought into the orgies later on. They were the “special drug” — the most valuable commodity. Each child was subjected to more than six hours of rape each week at the hands of as many as 200 pedophiles.
“I calculated that I would have been raped for 1,716 hours before I was twelve-years-old.” says Anneke, bravely speaking out about her petrifying ordeal.
The most heinous part of her story is the fact that the abuse came from politicians and government officials that the public had put their trust in.
Children were tortured and killed in the most brutal ways by sadistic members as a “warning” to others, forcing Anneke and the remaining few who managed to escape to keep their silence for decades.
As she recalled her traumatic experience at the ring, she mentions how the fact that they were forced to hurt other children was the most damaging part since it made them feel like the perpetrator and not the victim.

Her escape
After being abused for five and a half years inside the wicked aristocratic sex ring, it was decided she was “of no use anymore” and was to be killed.
She was tied naked to a butcher’s block — black with the blood of the children that had come before her — while five other children were forced to mutilate her with kitchen tools, as part of their indoctrination.
“I became scared and I thought I was going to die like all the other children who were not loved enough. It was the darkest moment of my life.” — Anneke Lucas
After hours of torture, someone who was inside the network made a deal where he would work for the politician in exchange for her being released, a good deed that eventually cost him his own life. Lucas finally escaped from the child sex-trafficking ring at age eleven and later moved to Paris before settling in New York.

Today the author, speaker, and founder of Liberation Prison Yoga works on bringing trauma-informed yoga to incarcerated populations. Through her years of abuse, she often felt a “loving presence” that seemed to guide her, which eventually lead to her interest in yoga and meditation. Her work is based on her personal experience of overcoming the extreme challenges on her mental and physical health after surviving some of the worst atrocities known to humankind before the age of twelve.
Anneke, who now has an eighteen-year-old daughter herself, said she was too traumatized and ashamed to speak up, until now.
“The collective denial is what is creating the evil at the moment.” — Anneke Lucas
It’s time to wake up and take action in the right direction. By sharing the stories of survivors like her we can create awareness of the iniquitous reality of elite pedophilia and human trafficking. We can also show our support by signing her petition to bring light to the subject and to move one step closer to a global change.
“Let’s be the quiet revolution — moving towards integration instead of isolation, healing instead of punishment, and peace amid unrest — inside ourselves, and inside the prisons” — Anneke Lucas



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There is Evil and then there is EVIL! The kind that makes you weep for humanity.... demons exist no doubt, don’t believe us ? It’s time to WAKE UP and take action in the right direction

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Another Sordid story, parents pls protect your little ones!

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