A patented pet harness used in the car as a dog seat belt. Car harnesses for dogs help protect your dog in an accident. Pet safety in the car is important not just for our dogs, but for the whole family traveling in the car with our small pets. Small dogs love this pet harness. The dog is secured in the car harness and the dog is not touching the bottom seat to help protect your dogs spine. Veterinarians and small dog Chiropractors love how the seat belt is specifically designed for small dogs under 25 lbs and under. Your dog will still be able to see out of the car window without risking their life, still have the wind blowing on your dogs face while having your pet safe in their dog car harness. 
Dog car seat belts are vital for your dogs safety. Pet safety is now one of the most talked about topics online. Statistics show, pets traveling in the car can cause driver distractions which cause car accidents. If you do not have a car harness for your dog now is the time. Center For Pet Safety tested this pet car harness for dogs 25 lbs and the test with the 25 pound dog passed with perfect scores.
If you have a small dog weighing 25 lbs your dog can have the total weight of 2500 lbs of velocity force flying through the car in a 60 mph car crash if not in proper dog seat belts. Choosing a dog seat belts and car harnesses for dogs can be difficult since companies might say their dog harness or dog seat belt is crash tested, but it will not protect your dog in a car accident. This 25 pound dog car harness has been crash tested by Center For Pet Safety and will give your dog the best chance of survival if a car accident were to occur.
The seatbelt is designed to protect your dog in case of an accident. The multifunctional dog harness works as a backpack as well! When you’re using the car harness as a dog seat belt you can have a dog backpack or front pack for your convenience. 
We love your dogs as much as you do. We hope you give this a try!

Please measure your dog starting from the collar to the tail base for proper sizing:

* Extra Small Dogs – Dog Sizes 9″ – 10″ 
* Small Dogs- Dog Sizes 11″ – 12″
* Medium Dogs- Dog Sizes 13″ – 14″
* Large Dogs – Dog Sizes 15″ – 16″
* Extra Large Dogs- Dog Sizes 17″ – 18″

Price: $423
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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