It’s a myth, a smokescreen, a fantasy – the belief that the ultra-rich, the true power players of the world, blow massive stacks of cash on things as trivial as watches. Let’s shatter that illusion right now. The richest of the rich? They’re not wasting time or money on Rolexes or any other kind of wrist candy. And here’s why.

Take Elon Musk – does he look like the kind of guy who’s gonna spend his minutes fiddling with a Rolex? Hell no. He’s confessed outright he doesn’t wear a watch, period. Why? His phone tells the time, and that’s good enough for a man worth billions. Watches are jewelry that happens to tick, nothing more.

Rolexes, constantly marketed as the pinnacle of luxury, are a game of mechanics – a relic of the past. And guess what? Compared to quartz or the god-level precision of atomic, mechanical watches don’t even come close. That’s right – a simple, rugged, gets-the-job done Casio G-Shock can outlive and outperform. You keep the same battery for three decades, it runs like it’s brand spanking new. Meanwhile, that high-end Rolex? It’ll be in and out of the shop more times than a celebrity in rehab. Eventually, it’ll just collect dust in a box because the owner got sick of the hassle.

People assume when you drop big money, you’re getting premium quality. It’s a farce, especially with something like a Rolex. It’s more about shouting from the rooftops, “I’ve got so much dough I can blow it on this shiny wrist trap!” rather than investing in something truly useful.

But let’s cut to the chase. While everyone’s gawking at the glint of a watch, the sharpest minds, the real deal, big-league hustlers, are pumping their resources into assets that actually make bank. I’m talking about the digital empire builders, the Silicon Valley sharks, the cyber tycoons.

The smart money pours into income-generating machines like digital real estate, not into an accessory that just kills time. Why sink dollars into a depreciating lump of metal and gears when you could be building wealth with clicks and code?

Look at the VIP networks, the Slaylebrity VIP social scenes, and other digital fortresses where the currency is attention and the revenue streams are limitless. That’s where the titans play and where real empires are forged.

To sum this up, forget about the Rolexes. If you want to clock wealth, follow the leaders who understand the true value of time. Invest where each second makes a difference to your net worth. Time is the currency for the new age of billionaires, and they spend it on things that tick up, not tick-tock.

If you’re not in it for the bling but for the cha-ching, ditch the watch game. Your time – and your investments – should be as smart as you are. Out with the old, in with the gold, and I’m not talking about karats – I’m talking about the kind of returns that don’t sit on your wrist but fill up your bank account. Welcome to the big leagues, where time is money, and flashy watches just don’t cut it.

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I don’t have time to be resetting this darn watch I gat billions to make! Time to spend on things that tick up, not tick-tock.

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