This locally run, cozy tavern is perfectly located above the beach at Agios Sostis. Food is grilled outdoors on a charcoal barbecue because there is no electricity, so you can’t phone ahead and book a table. The restaurant also relies on the memory of its owner, who sees that everybody is served in the order they arrive. Tucked away above the bay there are also no signposts meaning the most fail-safe way to discover this little establishment is to rely on your nose. The aroma of the charcoal barbecue carries all the way to the beach and the menu offers a range of grilled local fish and traditional meat dishes, well-priced and served in healthy portions. Guests can enjoy the calm and secluded atmosphere of this little eatery from the small, shaded patio which directly overlooks the sea.
Location: Kikis Tavern Agios Sotis Beach