A model of a 367-foot yacht designed to run on liquid hydrogen was unveiled last fall at the Monaco Yacht Show, the world’s biggest superyacht event, Forbes reported.
The detailed miniature model, presented by a Dutch firm called Sinot Yacht & Architecture Design, is just over 6 1/2 feet and showcases the innovative direction the superyacht industry is taking.
Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Bill Gates commissioned the superyacht for a reported price of 500 million pound ($650 million), but Sinot just told the BBC that it has “no business relationship” with Gates.
The vessel is still “a concept under development and has not been sold,” a Sinot spokesperson told the BBC.
The watercraft, named Aqua, would be the first superyacht to run on liquid hydrogen and fuel-cell technology, according to Sinot. The yacht’s only emission would be water, and the system would depend on two 28-ton vacuum-sealed tanks of liquid hydrogen stored at -423 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beyond cutting-edge technology, the vessel would feature state-of-the-art design and amenities.
Here’s a look at renderings of Aqua and an inside glimpse at the future of eco-conscious superyachting.

Aqua, the 367-foot superyacht designed to run entirely on liquid hydrogen, would operate at a top speed of 17 knots and have a range of 3,750 nautical miles.

The technology depends on two 28-ton, vacuum-sealed tanks that store liquid hydrogen at a cool -423 degrees Fahrenheit. The tanks would be viewable through a glass panel at the base of a spiraling staircase at the center of the vessel.

The superyacht’s futuristic looks aim to complement its eco-conscious, cutting-edge technology with the luxurious air of a typical superyacht, according to the designer.

The team at Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design spent five months designing Aqua. “Our challenge was to implement fully operational liquid hydrogen and fuel cells in a true superyacht that is not only groundbreaking in technology but also in design and aesthetics,” the lead designer, Sander Sinot, said in a press release.

The exterior was inspired by the flow of ocean swells, resulting in curved exterior lines and glass band windows.

The five-deck superyacht would accommodate 14 guests and 31 crew members.

It would have a master pavilion, two VIP staterooms, and four regular staterooms. All rooms would feature floor-to-ceiling windows and have a minimalistic, Japanese-inspired style.

Amenities would include a cascading infinity pool and extensive outdoor lounging space.

In addition to several casual indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces, the yacht would have a formal dining area that seats 14.

The superyacht would also have an expansive indoor health and wellness center featuring a gym, a hydro-massage room, and a yoga studio, reflecting the wealthy’s growing interest in wellness as a status symbol.

And because superyacht owners love their toys, Aqua would also have carrying space for two 32-foot tenders and three Jet Skis.

The Full insider view

The price of the Aqua Yacht is estimated at $644 Million.

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