All I know is this is just what I needed!

Hot and Heavy with the Handsome Stranger
An unforgettable encounter with a stranger was just what I needed.

I was attending an upscale social gathering hosted by one of my friend’s wealthy clients at the nice country club in our city. She was on the guest list and had invited me as her plus one. It’d been a while since we’d gone out together, but she insisted, knowing I was still getting over my break up with my boyfriend.
I had chosen to wear a pretty and colorful mid length dress with a nice ruffle in the hem. It was a few inches longer than a mini dress to be a little family friendly, but also with a couple of buttons at the neckline I could unbutton to show off some cleavage if I was feeling flirty. I wasn’t expecting to, but it’d been a while since I had the opportunity to get properly dressed up. My ex had stopped the romance long before we ended it.
Anyways, the party was fun with a nice atmosphere, good food, and an open bar. As we made our way through the party, a handsome stranger across the way caught my eye. He had on a nice tailored baby blue suit with the top few buttons of his cream shirt open, showing a respectable amount of chest. The second time we locked eyes, I couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes lit up as he definitely saw me too.
The stranger made his way over to us, introducing himself as William with a charming smile. We struck up a conversation about the beautiful decorations, the delicious food, and the stunning views from the penthouse suite where the gathering was taking place. It wasn’t long before my friend took the hint and left us to talk alone.
As we talked, I discovered that William was a successful businessman with a passion for art, and was actually a client of the party’s host. We lost track of time as we talked and laughed together, and we even shared a flirty dance when the music started playing.
Maybe I was a little tipsy, but he was downright intoxicating. I wanted him.

We were barely able to close the door in time before we were all over each other. His one hand was locking the door behind us while his other was frantically working to undo the buttons on my dress and mine were working on his belt.
Before I could finish, he dropped to his knees, and dove his head underneath the hem of my dress. I could feel his lips kissing up from my thighs to my hips, and making a stop at my pussy before continuing up to my stomach. Once he had finished the tour, he returned to the main attraction and started teasing my pussy, kissing and licking it through and around the fabric.
My panties were soaked at this point, a mixture of his saliva on the outside, and my wetness on the inside. It was almost a relief to have them pulled to the side.
He lifted my leg over his shoulder for better access, then proceeded to expertly kiss, lick, and suck my pussy. He would run his tongue up and down my lips, before parting them and rolling it around my clit. Then he would do it all again, teasing my pussy, and dipping his tongue inside me for good measure.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
“I need you to fuck me.”
He didn’t need any more of an invitation. He sprung back up to his feet, and finished unbuckling his belt before spinning me around to face the door. I playfully waved my ass in front of him as I heard his pants unzip then fall to the floor. The next thing I heard was his moan in my ear as his hard cock found my slippery entrance and he squeezed inside.
His hands slipped under my dress and grabbed my hips as I rocked my ass back and forth against him. I pulled the straps of my dress off my shoulders, exposing my breasts, and he moved his hands up to squeeze them.
With his arms wrapped around me, he fucked me deep, pinning my body between the door and himself as he was thrusting into me. Pressed against the door, I could still hear the faint voices from the party. It only turned me on even more.
After a few minutes of that, he suddenly pulled out, leaving my pussy feeling vacant. But that didn’t last long before he spun me around, took my breast in his mouth and plunged two fingers into my pussy.
“You’re so fucking wet,” he said, as he tickled my G-spot.
“It’s all your fault,” I replied as he moved to my other breast.
I held his hand right where it was, and fucked myself with it as I pushed him back from the door a few steps over to the sink.
“I need your cock back inside me,” I said before bending over, flipping my dress up and pulling my panties down to my knees and out of the way.
He was done with the warm up and fucked me hard and fast; absolutely railing my pussy, with each thrust forcing moans and squeaks out of me. He had to cover my mouth to stop me from making too much noise. And that did nothing but turn me on even more. I was his for the taking, and he was absolutely taking me.
The room echoed with the sounds of him rhythmically clapping my cheeks. No doubt anyone passing by knew exactly what was happening. But I didn’t care. I could feel my orgasm bubbling up with every thrust, especially when he started playing with my tits, rolling and pinching my nipples between his fingers.
My knees buckled under me as the uncontrollable wave hit me, and his hands moved from my tits to my hips to hold me up as he kept fucking me through the runaway orgasm.
I took a mental snapshot of him standing in front of me, hair disheveled, shirt unbuttoned, pants around his ankles, while his underwear was stuck around his knees, and his rock hard cock glistening with my cum.
When his hand moved to stroke his cock, I swatted it away and couldn’t help but drop to my knees in front of him and taste myself. I hadn’t noticed how nice his dick was. After a few moments of appreciating his tool, I went back to sucking on it.
I could feel his hand on the back of my head, gently guiding me deeper onto his dick. I couldn’t fit all of him into my throat, but I was more than happy to try.
“Oh fuck, you’re going to make me cum,” he moaned as I was throating him.
I pulled my mouth off his dick, now freshly coated in my saliva, and gave the tip one last kiss.
“No, not yet. I need you to cum in me.”
I stood up, hiked my dress to my waist, and hopped up on the sink. My panties fell completely off one leg and were barely hanging on by my ankle. He lined his dick up between my legs, and slowly slid it in. I could tell he was trying not to come right there as he worked himself up to a decent pace.
I wrapped my legs around his hips and locked them behind his back as his thrusting became erratic and his breathing heavy. He started pushing so deep into me, I swore I could feel him in my stomach. And every thrust felt like heaven.
He was burying his face into my shoulder to muffle his deep moans, trying desperately not to draw attention from outside the door. Meanwhile, I could feel his dick twitching inside me as he coated my pussy with his warm cum.
All of those sensations unexpectedly drove me over the edge in an instant, and while his hips stopped moving, mine took over as I ground my clit into his body until I came one more time.
We couldn’t stop smiling and giggling as we pulled our clothes back into place and made ourselves presentable again. He snuck out first so we wouldn’t be seen returning to the party together, while I finished cleaning up.
I couldn’t believe what I had just done. When I headed back out to the party, I beelined straight to the bar to grab a much needed drink to cool off. Just as my friends found me, I felt a bit of William’s cum drip out of me… Thank god I had opted to wear panties.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








All I know is this is just what i needed

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