Want to be the life and soul of whatever party or event you end up at this Christmas? Get practicing these easy-peasy dance moves…
Christmas is upon us and you know what that means: it’s party time.
Whether you’re planning on hitting the town for a big night out, hitting the club with your workmates or hitting your friend’s sitting room for a more low-key vibe, you’ll be needing one essential ingredient in order to make the night a success – some killer dance moves.
So, if you’re aiming to be the life and soul of the party (and not Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, because let’s be honest: no one really wants a Carlton at their party), see below for the best dance moves you need to brush up on. No matter what music is on the playlist and regardless if you’re in possession of two left feet, you’ll be thanking us later. Trust us.

1. The Worm

A classic, indubitably – but not one for beginners. The Worm first came to prominence in the 1970s and 1980s and is still associated with B-Boy culture even now, but it’s one of those timeless moves that works with any genre. It requires strength and co-ordination, but one thing is for certain: pull this off at any party (clear the floor first, maybe) and you’ll earn a standing ovation.


This one requires little effort and even less practice. A standard from the glory days of the rave scene, it earned its instructive name (Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box) for a reason: it does exactly what it says on the tin. Hold your arms out like a fisherman demonstrating the size of a large catch (big fish). Now bring them closer together, as if to exhibit a smaller catch (little fish). Now make the shape of a square box. Even Bob the Builder could manage it.


No matter what age you are or whether you grew up in the era of Michael Jackson or not, there’s something so indefinably cool about the Moonwalk that it transcends generations and genres. The problem is that it’s a seriously tricky move to master; although a lot of it’s about illusion, the trick is in coordinating the snap of one foot with the slide of the other. If you manage to moonwalk your way into any Christmas party, though, your fellow revellers will be clambering to touch the hem of your garment.


The ’90s were a dark time for pop music, but they were also responsible for some enduring cheesy dances that can still be found in certain nightclubs and at certain parties. Warning: this dance move should only be broken out past midnight, when everyone is sufficiently well-oiled and there’s no danger of the host throwing your coat at you and ordering you to leave. Broken out at the right moment, however, and you may just find that there are lines forming behind you. Before you know it, the whole room is Saturday Night-ing.


This one is definitely a move for the younger and more energetic amongst us, but it’s certainly a fun one for any party. First brought to prominence by LMFAO in their ‘Party Rock Anthem’ hit, it may leave you breathless, sure – but it’s also a mini-workout packaged into a four-minute pop song.


There are countless B-Boy moves in the book, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves: simplicity is underrated. Bringing any street dance move into a party setting is a risky move, but trying a basic ‘top rock’ will give you all the kudos you need without breaking any glassware or sending anyone to A&E. Rocking is all about the swagger, so throw those shoulders back, get some Beastie Boys on the playlist and strut your stuff as if you know exactly what you’re doing.


If you manage to pull this off, you have our undying respect – mostly due to the fact that it ain’t easy at all. Precision is key with this street dance, which makes it less easy to do as the night wears on. Krumping is reasonably new, having originated in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, but it’s grown in popularity thanks to the likes of Chemical Brothers, Madonna and Missy Elliott using it in their videos in recent years. It’s pretty much the ‘street cred’ alternative to mainstream hip-hop dancing.


Look, this one doesn’t need any introduction, nor does it need a whole lot of finesse. All you basically have to do is learn a few different moves in sequence: ‘holding the reins’, ‘the lasso’, ‘the gallop’ – and tie them all together. The best thing is that no one will really notice that you don’t quite have it down, as long as it *kind of* looks right.


A hip-hop dance that came to prominence in 2013 thanks to Atlanta group We Are Toonzand their song ‘Drop That Nae Nae’, it spawned new mega-dance-move when teen rapper Silento teamed it with another move – ‘The Whip’ on his huge 2015 single. The trick is to keep your legs loose; as long as you make some attempt at a whipping motion, you’ll look cool AF. Trust us – would we ever steer you wrong?


We know, we know. Although Beyonce makes it look hella easy, anyone who’s tried this move on a whim will be well aware that without practice, it looks like you’re having some sort of seizure. Without causing your fellow party-goers alarm, the trick to the by-now iconic ‘Single Ladies’ is to take it slooooowly. Forget the heels – no, no, no, that’s running before you can walk. Take it stage by stage; get the hand and hip movements down before you attempt moving around. If you can rope two (or more) mates into learning this with you, though, you’ve got a bona fide showstopper on your hands.

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No one really wants a Carlton at their party get inspired

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