The potential benefit of stair climbing for the millions of people who are wheelchair users is exciting. The user of these new breakthrough wheelchairs, can command the wheelchair in different ways by the push of a button. These wheelchairs can be converted from a standard chair with four wheels contacting the ground, to an elevated chair balanced on only two wheels. These smart wheelchairs can engage four-wheel drive to maneuver rough terrain, go up slopes, or climb 4-inch curbs.

Here are our two recommended Climbing staircase wheelchairs

1. The iBOT® Super-Wheelchair
An engineer from the UK has invented a super-wheelchair.  Dan Kamen’s revolutionary new chair not only has four-wheel-drive, it can be transformed at the press of a button.  The new chair, named the iBOT® enables the user the climb stairs, stand up and travel effortlessly over curbs when required.

Advanced functions
The iBOT® has all the standard functions a user would expect from a normal wheelchair, and then some!  ‘Balance-Function’ enables the user to move into a standing position.  In addition, singled-handed negotiation of stairs and curbs need no longer be a problem for the wheelchair user thanks to Kamen’s sophisticated technology.
The chair also incorporates a folding system that allows the user to take the iBOT® with them in their car, meaning that total independence is guaranteed.

Safety criteria
Unfortunately, the iBOT® is not suitable for everyone.  In order to ensure that the user remains safe in the chair, certain criteria must be fulfilled.
1. The user’s maximum bodyweight should be no less than 34kg/75lbs, and not more than 113kg/250lbs.
2. The user must have sufficient sensory ability to be able to operate the joy-stick control unit and operate a push button.
3. The user should be able to bend their knees in order to place their feet on the foot rests, although this doesn’t apply for lower leg amputees.
4. The user should have sufficient hip movement to allow them to comfortably remain in a seated position.
5. People who suffer from osteoporosis or brittle bone disease would not be able to use the iBOT®
Before a user is allowed to actually purchase the iBOT® they must undergo a medical examination and a discussion with a doctor to ensure that the chair will be suitable for them.  Following this, special driving training is required and this concludes with an actual test!  Provided the user fulfils all the criteria, and successfully passes the driving test, they can take the iBOT® home.
Unfortunately, a further problem for would-be iBOT® owners is its price.  Different specifications are available, and depending upon what particular bells and whistles you choose, this super-wheelchair will set you back somewhere between $25,000 and $29,000 USD.

In conclusion
The iBOT® certainly offers the wheelchair user some wonderful functionality – at a price.  It’s to be hoped that in the future many of the iBOT® features will be included as standard in every design of wheelchair so that everyone can benefit from them.

Mobius Mobility, the New Hampshire-based company selling the iBOT, is aiming for a third-quarter 2019 launch, according to its Web site and e-mails it’s sending to prospective customers.

The soon-to-be-launched iBOT differs from the previous iBOT 4000 in several ways, including “reduced weight, new battery technology, streamlined user controls, and the addition of a wider selection of seating options.”

To purchase contact Möbius Mobility


Mobius Mobility, LLC
540 North Commercial St.
Suite 310
Manchester, NH 03101

2. Scewo

For a more stylish option we recommend Scewo.

Scewo provides boundless freedom. Its versatility, futuristic design and easy handling simplify your everyday life.

The large wheels effortlessly master cobblestones and forest paths. Even if the driver doesn’t have any upper body stability!

The stair climbing function opens the doors to new possibilities. With this mode you can climb steps made of various materials. Whether you’re going upwards or downwards, straight or on a curve: Scewo Bro brings you safely from A to B.

The individual height adjustment simplifies chair transfers.

The Scewo Bro seat is versatile and adjustable. You can adjust the seat depth, back support, foot and arm supports to suit your needs, in no time

Delievery in Switzerland expected at the end of 2019.
Delieveries to other countries are planned step by step.

Price: 33000 CHF
Reservation fee 1000 CHF

Optional and at extra cost

Special colour and colour accents
Head support
Rear view camera

RESERVE here or contact

Scewo AG
Building A, 3rd floor
Technoparkstrasse 2
8406 Winterthur
Phone: + 41 44 500 86 03

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The potential benefit of stair climbing for the millions of people who are wheelchair users is exciting.


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