Discover the Canyon Swing – literally sheer adrenaline in the glacial gorge of Grindelwald.

Standing on the platform 90 meters above the canyon is on its own enough to make your legs weak, but then to step off into the abyss, freefall towards the ground and then swing at 120km/h between the canyon walls is easily the scariest ride money can buy.

Experience 90 m of freefall in a spectacular test of courage

What is the Canyon Swing? A gorge, a rope, bravery, fearlessness and a rush of adrenaline. Take this breathtaking challenge and launch yourself into the awe-inspiring chasm of the Grindelwald glacial gorge. Experience 90 m of freefall, then swing between towering rock faces at 120 km/h. Professional guides are on hand to ensure your safety.

In the mighty glacial gorge of Grindelwald, surrounded by towering rock faces, an unforgettably adrenaline-charged adventure known as the Canyon Swing awaits. Do you have the nerve to leap into the chasm from a platform 90 m above the ground? The view into the yawning gorge from the jump-off point is impressive, daunting and overwhelming, all at the same time – an emotional roller coaster. Those who have the courage can be sure of the ultimate adrenaline kick.

Once you jump, you experience 90 m of freefall and end up swinging through the narrow glacial gorge at speeds of up to 120 km/h. An incredible sensation of joy floods your body as you climb the short ladder out of the gorge on legs trembling with relief. Experience the spectacular Canyon Swing at Grindelwald: a gorge, a rope, a great deal of courage and a surge of adrenaline. Professional guides are on hand to ensure your safety. The experience can be booked with or without transport from Interlaken or Grindelwald.

Your highlights at a glance
* Spectacular leap from a 90 m platform
* Experience freefall and the sensation of flying
* Swing between towering rock faces at 120 km/h
* Sheer adrenaline in the imposing glacial gorge of Grindelwald
* Professional guides ensure your safety
To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note
* Duration of tour from Interlaken: 3 hours
* Individual travel to the Grindelwald glacial gorge is possible; parking spaces are available
* Equipment and transport included
* Video service available
* Bring or wear warm, weatherproof clothing

Personal Experiience
“When I first looked at the drop, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. After wrestling with myself for several minutes, I screwed up all my courage and jumped into the void. The feeling afterwards was sheer joy, a rush of adrenaline I’ll never forget.”

Getting There

Travel comfortably and easily into the heart of Switzerland
Interlaken has exceptional national and international transport links. Every half an hour you have train connections from and to Bern, Zürich, Geneva and Basel. It also has first-class public transport links to Switzerland’s airports and a number of European cities, including Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Milan.
It’s also easy to get there by car. Interlaken is well signposted from the Swiss autobahn network, which has excellent connections to Europe’s key centres.

Things you need to know

Price from CHF 149
What’s Included: Equipment, guide, and transportation.
What to bring: Warm clothing, depending on the weather.
Requirements: Weight:  max. 120 kg
Minimum age 14
Duration: 3 hrs including transport.
Video Service: CHF 38.


1. Pick up from a local designated meeting point 15 minutes before trip time or
2. Meet your guides at the Outdoor Interlaken main base 5 minutes before trip time*
3. Drive to Grindelwald
4. Safety briefing and gear preparation
5. 3-2-1-Jump!
6. Return to Interlaken

Get 10% discount for groups of 10 or more passengers.  Simply select the price category when making the booking and automatically receive the discounted price.  
The following activities are eligible for group discounts.
* Rafting Lütschine
* Rafting Simme
* Canyoning Interlaken
* Canyoning Chli Schliere
* Canyoning Grimsel
* Canyon Swing
* Bungy Stockhorn
* Ropes Park
* Monster Scooter
* Night Sledding
* Snowshoe Tour
Certain activities are eligible for multidiscount.  This means, when you add two different activities into your basket you get 5% discount!  Simply book the activity and add your passenger details, then continue adding further activities before you go the checkout.  The discount is calculated automatically according to those activities which are eligible.
The following activities are eligible for 5% multidiscount:
* Rafting Lütschine
* Rafting Simme
* Canyoning Interlaken
* Canyoning Chli Schliere
* Canyoning Grimsel
* Canyon Swing
* Bungy Stockhorn
* Paragliding
* Skydiving
* Via Ferrata Mürren
* Glacier Canyon Grindelwald
* Ropes Park
* Monster Scooter
* Night Sledding
* Snowshoe Tour

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Contact Details
Outdoor Interlaken AG
Hauptstrasse 15

Phone: +41 33 826 77 19

It’s a Daring Ride, Do you have the Guts?

We definitely recommend Night Sledding


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