* Duration: 20 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 140-210
* Difficulty: 4/5
* Equipment: Mat, No Equipment
* Training Type: Toning

This 20 minute bodyweight workout is great for toning thighs and glutes. You don’t need any equipment at all, but you will need an open wall in order to be able to do a wall sit.

The bodyweight calisthenics in this routine target the butt, the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, abdominals, and both inner and outer thigh. It is an especially effective combination of Pilates exercises and toning moves. All of the moves are challenging, and use large muscle groups, meaning that the workout burns a high number of calories.

Because this butt and thigh workout is challenging and moves quickly from one exercise to another, we estimate that you can burn 140-210 calories from doing this video. How many calories you will burn will depend on a large set of variables, including your weight, your lean muscle mass, your baseline fitness level, your gender, and more.

When you do a routine like this that calls upon muscle groups so heavily, you want to make sure that you have had an ample warm-up, rather than jumping right in. 10 Minutes of light cardio (such as walking, jogging, biking, or the elliptical) is suggested before jumping into this Fitness Blender home workout video.

If you want to really stoke up your fat burning furnace, do 20 minutes of cardio before doing this routine, and another 20 minutes when you are finished. The combination of the lower body toning moves and the cardio broken up into 2 segments will serve you best in terms of burning the most calories and having the most energy to complete your strength training bodyweight exercises.

Make sure to give it your all the entire way through this video. Many of these exercises have little things that you can do to “cheat”, in order to make it feel easier. It might hurt a little extra in the moment, but committing to proper form will help you see results faster in terms of strength gains and how quickly your legs and glutes become toned.

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Source Fitness Blender

How quickly do you reckon your butt, thighs and leg could get toned if you truly commit?

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