Whether you are looking to strengthen and build your arms or trying to tone and get rid of flab this Bicep and Tricep routine will do the trick. Super Sets (doing two exercises that work the same muscle group back to back) can help you achieve your goals in less time than a traditional weight routine by making your muscles produce high amounts of lactic acid which in turn releases hormones that tell your muscles build and/or tone up.

For those of you who cringe at the thought of “building size” in any part of your body, keep in mind that you can also use this routine to slim and tone your arms. This is accomplished by using a band with a challenging weight, and as it becomes easier you increase the number of repetitions per set. Start with 12 repetitions and slowly increase to 20 or even 30 repetitions as the motion becomes easier.

On the other hand, for those who are striving for more strength and size this Super Set workout routine can deliver that as well. What you will want to do is keep your repetitions at 10 or lower (per set), and as the motion becomes easier move up to the next most difficult resistance band. You always want to be on the verge of failure and possibly not even able to finish the last few repetitions on the last set of exercises.

Also though this routine uses resistance bands (because they are the cheapest to get your hands on for a home gym) you can also substitute in dumbbells as well, if you have wide selection.

All of the motions throughout this routine can be directly swapped out from the resistance bands to dumbbells without any modifications with the exception of the Standing Tricep Band Pull. This exercise can be modified to use dumbbells by putting a slight bend in your knees and bending over at your hips until your chest is parallel with the ground. Then in a similar motion to the band exercise, start with your hands hanging under your elbow with your upper arm parallel to the ground; extend your hands up and out to the sides. Just be sure to keep your chest and upper arm parallel to the ground and your back perfectly flat.

The exercises in this routine were selected to target all areas of the biceps and triceps making sure that the strength and/or tone you build is complete through every angle and range of motion that those muscles work.

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