#BackInTheGame premiered recently at 10 PM ET on CNBC.
Giving back is what’s most important and with this show A ROD is able to help athletes and Slaylebrities re-charge their financial futures and get back on their feet.

Professional athletes and entertainers are some of the best paid people in the world. But the reality is, their careers are often short-lived and they can find themselves in serious financial distress when the big paychecks stop coming their way. Now, in this four-episode series, former MLB superstar and mega-successful businessman, Alex Rodriguez, is ready to give back by mentoring athletes and entertainers who’ve fallen on hard times and need help getting back on their feet. Join Alex as he motivates and advises Evander Holyfield, Ryan Lochte, Nicole Eggert, and Brian Dunkleman on how to reduce their crushing debt, repair their reputations, and launch new business careers so they can re-charge their financial futures. After years of living large, will they be willing to listen to their new coach?

It all starts with The Four-Time Champ @evanderholyfield, a proud man who’s faced challenges all of us can relate to. A Rod tries to remind him of the incomparable legacy he’s building and how he can use all his talents to overcome anything and everything.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think if the show, Watch the first episode below

Source CNBC

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