Back bow crossover is a calisthenics, pilates, and stretching exercise that primarily targets the lower back muscles and to a lesser degree also targets the abs, groin, hip flexors, middle back and shoulders.
Learning proper back bow crossover form is easy with the step by step back bow crossover instructions, back bow crossover tips, and the instructional back bow crossover technique video on this page. back bow crossover is a exercise for those with a intermediate level of physical fitness and exercise experience. Watch the back bow crossover video above to learn how to do the back bow crossover

How to do Back Bow Crossover :
* Step 1: Lay flat on your stomach and bring your hands straight up over your head.
* Step 2: Keep your hands and feet together.
* Step 3: At the same time lift your arms and legs up off the ground about 6 inches and lift it over to the right about 4-6 inches.
* Step 4: Set your arms back on the ground.
* Step 5: Now lift your arms and legs back up and cross them both over to the left side about 6 inches and back onto the floor.
* Step 6: Continue this back and forth motion for the desired amount of repetitions.

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