A sanctuary awaits, now more intimate than ever.

Reconnect with the jungle and the sea.
A reduced number of villas are now open for you to relish the beauty of this land in complete privacy.
Rediscover your bonds with nature, art, and ancestry in a secluded hideaway, where you will gather as a tribe to get in touch with your surroundings.

The villas of AZULIK Tulum were designed to create an atmosphere for rest and reconnection. With no air conditioning, television or electric light, the impact technology has on the environment is reduced and your ability to get in tune with your surroundings is maximised!

Rates: from $400/ night


How to live eco friendly

Is it worth it?

Special Slay Concierge Note
Our high end ateliers across the world are capable of recreating any look seen on Slaylebrity. Contact sales@slaynetwork.co.uk or click the contact us icon to chat with slay concierge.



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This sanctuary awaits you, and boy it’s more than intimate than ever

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The perfect honeymoon destination

Complete with artefacts that will blow up your feed

The perfect spot to Get in there with your Boo

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Luxe Nooks and Cranies

Source: @marcella.Gomz

Who knew you could live like the flinstones in this day and age?

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Everything sensual

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Everything unusual

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