The Arnold and Son Watches Switzerland DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch
The limited edition Arnold and Son Watches Switzerland DSTB, Dial Side True Beat Seconds luxury watch from the renowned Swiss watchmaker, available with a case in either Red Gold case (limited edition of 125 pieces), White Gold case (limited edition of 125 pieces) and Stainless Steel case (limited edition of 250 pieces) Sis truly a watch whose every design element, from its movement and mechanism which includes the dial side true beat seconds hands complication to the case itself, will genuinely enthral. The A&S DSTB Dial Side True Beat Seconds is one of the latest designs from the Swiss watch brand, which places the majority of its watches as part of either the Arnold and Son Instrument Collection or Arnold and Son Royal Collection of watches. The Arnold and Son DSTB Dial Side True Beat Seconds watch fall into the former, the Arnold and Son Instrument Collection of luxury timepieces, watches which when one considers the brand’s history, design and quality of movement, are all available at a genuinely incredible price. Why then, Arnold and Son? And why then, chose the A&S DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch?

Arnold and Son Switzerland stand, and will always stand, as the heirs to an incredible tradition of the luxury watch and timepiece manufacturer. All Arnold and Son watches today, as they also will in future, offer the very best elements of the fine history of English watch and mechanism design, as well as the genius of John Arnold and his son John Roger Arnold, original founders of the firm in London in the 18th Century, combined with the very best of modern Swiss gold and stainless case watch manufacture. This is history, vision in design and Haute Horlogerie detailing in gold and stainless case watch manufacture that is simply extraordinary, at human price. The Arnold and Son story really began in London in 1764, with the presentation to the then King of England, George III, of a tiny beautiful gold ring container a half-quarter repeating watch. The renown this generated enabled John Arnold, and later his son John Roger Arnold, to embark on lifetimes of work dedicated to the production of some of the finest watches, clocks and timepieces in the English style that the world will ever see, all of them noted for exquisite mechanism and craftsmanship in gold, stainless and nickel silver, and their numerous innovations in movement design and accuracy. The search for accuracy indeed became John Arnold’s obsession, engaging him as it did in King George III sponsored search for a mechanism which would solve the puzzle of how to accurately measure longitude whilst at sea. Arnold and Son’s watch thus became intimately associated with not only the finest gold watchmaking and most innovate of watch movements, but King George III himself, the Royal Navy, seafaring expeditions of discovery and astronomical navigation, from the Thames to the Amazon. The Arnold and Son Watches Switzerland DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch is thus the modern incarnation of all that is best in these traditions when combined with modern Swiss watch design and manufacture, whose design and detail finishing, from the red gold, white gold or stainless steel case to the mechanism and movement itself and true beat seconds hand complication, will leave many speechless and comes at a great price.

On the one hand, the limited edition A&S Switzerland DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch showcases the True Beat Seconds complication, a complication central to the later work of both Arnold and his son John Roger Arnold and their work on marine chronometers. Thus The Arnold and Son Watch Switzerland DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) watch features an in-house designed automatic movement which places the True Beat Seconds complication on the dial side for all to see. And what a complication this is. The hands, lever, wheels and the three, yes three, palladium treated true beat seconds bridges forming the complication to the movement are all clearly displayed, the true beat seconds lever placed at 9 o’clock on the watch dial playfully represented by a ship’s anchor as tribute to the nautical heritage of the brand, with the true beat seconds indicator placed at 11, a neat example of the symmetry for which Arnold became famous. On the other hand, irrespective of whether the DSTB case material is red gold, white gold or stainless steel, hours and minutes are displayed at four o’clock in their own smaller, overlapping silvery-opaline subdial with the benefit of beautifully blued hands. The requirement for placing the dead or true beat seconds complication dial side, centre stage in effect, meant that an entirely new movement had to be created, and Arnold and Son, as in house creators of some of the finest movement designs in Swiss watchmaking today, met this challenge with the A&S6003 movement. The A&S6003 movement of the Arnold and Son DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch combines an incredible 229 components, many of them beautifully showcased in the case’s transparent sapphire crystal watch front and back, which is an incredible example, at a great price, of modern Haute Horlogerie finishing as one would expect. The Arnold and Son movement of the DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) bears the brand’s hallmark NAC grey treatment, combined with hand chamfered and satin finished lever and bridges, and of course, finely polished edges, circular graining and Cotes de Geneve “rayonnantes”. The large dial plate itself is ADLC treated in black, also bearing circular finishing, set off by bevelled and mirror polished screw heads. The Oscillating Weight is similarly NAC treated in grey, with finely brushed surfaces with an overall skeleton type design. No matter whether the case material is red gold, white gold or stainless steel, the focus will be drawn almost entirely to the indicators on the watch face itself and the incredible features of the dial side dead beat seconds complication to the movement, all very beautifully displayed. Anti-reflective coating to the sapphire crystal on both the case front and case back of the DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch ensure that the beauty of the movement and dead beat seconds complications will be seen whatever the light. A red gold, white gold or stainless steel case watch of this level of sophisticated would not be complete without a hand stitched black or brown alligator leather watch strap, and that is indeed, what is provided for the DSTB (Dial Side True Beat) Watch for the standard price. The generous 45-hours power reserve which stands behind this self-winding mechanical movement, especially with its stunning dial side true beat seconds complication, will surely be enough to satisfy even the busiest of individuals.

Ref. 1ATAS.S02A.C121S

Stainless steel case

Limited edition of 250 pieces

hours, minutes, true beat seconds


Exclusive Arnold & Son mechanical movement, self-winding, 32 jewels, diameter 38 mm, thickness 7.39 mm, power reserve 45h, 28,800 vibrations/h. Movement decoration: NAC grey treated with Haute Horlogerie finishing: hand-chamfered bridges and polished edges, fine circular graining and Côtes de Genève rayonnantes, dial plate black ADLC treated with large circular finishing, circular satin-finished wheels, screws with bevelled and mirror-polished heads.True beat seconds bridges: palladium treated, satin-finished with hand-chamfered and polished edges. Oscillating weight: NAC grey treated, skeletonised with brushed surfaces


stainless steel, diameter 43.5 mm, cambered sapphire with anti-reflective coating on both sides, case back see-through sapphire

DIAL silvery opaline, sapphire

STRAP hand-stitched black or brown alligator leather


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A generous 45-hours power reserve, enough to satisfy even the busiest of individuals.




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