You’ve seen the crazy super cool video of what looks to be ishades and you are wondering are they real and where and when can I have them in my grubby hands!

Well well from what we can tell Apple has hired Richard DeVaul Ph.D., a veteran of the wearable computing field and computer animation. While at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. DeVaul wrote his dissertation on “The Memory Glasses,” a real-time memory support system (smart glasses).

Apple’s recent patent filing for a laser-based head mounted display tethered to iPhone or other Apple hardware does suggest that something sizzling is brewing in the Apple factory!

So far iterations of augmented reality eyeware in the market have failed to live up to promises but if there’s anyone that we have faith to pull this off it’s got be Apple for sure.

For now it’s still just a brew, let’s hope it doesn’t get lost in Indiana Jones’ forgotten artifacts warehouse.

Here’s what we know so far

Now we know you’re super duper disappointed…

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