Unless you are living under a rock you’ve clearly heard of Harry and Meghan’s plans to leave the United Kingdom and ultimately their royal duties and become “financially independent”! After an expensive renovation saddled on Tax Payers what a way to Go!

It’s interesting how Slaylebrities take the stance of public persecution but choose when to enjoy the perks of fame.

Just days before this announcement of departure the couple spent time on holiday in a multi million dollar estate in Vancouver.

According to BBC the Duke and Duchess of Sussex( why do they still get to keep these titles?) did not consult the Queen or the Prince of Wales about the contents of their bombshell statement to step back as senior royals and divide their time between the UK and North America.

Even if they become financially independent through their new charity and other activities it is quite clear that the mere fact of being a Royal will bring anyone untold riches and open doors to donations and funding not open to mere mortals!


Here is what some had to say on this matter

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Financial Independence Really!!!! Who knew the deeper meaning behind these waves!!!

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