The video features an American rapper who goes by the name ‘TheGod Joe Kush’.

The video, taken from a different angle, shows him throwing $5 bills into the air, not $100 bills as most viral posts claim.

It’s said the rapper gave away $100,000 in total in Manhattan on 47th street — an area well known for diamond wholesale. People can be seen in the video rushing to grab the notes from the ground.

So why did he do this?

Well which is better do you think ?

How many followers would you get if you took your $100,000 Facebook marketing budget and threw it on the streets of New York or any other Major city instead? 🤷🏽‍♀️ who would win this test ? Facebook or the Spirit of Money?
Think On it!!!

By the way make sure you check first of your country laws prohibit such public display of wealth!

A man was arrested after he was identified by the Cyber-Crime Department in Dubai. He admitted throwing money to get more likes and followers and to become a celebrity on social media. You’ve been warned!!! Stay Safe.

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We smell money do you? Going Viral just became super easy.

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