For this routine, we have seven different core exercises that pull together to make a short, but very effective 8 minute abs workout.

This is great for pairing with a cardio routine.

Exercises in this video:

Supine Side Crunches – These are a great way to tone the obliques, which can help lead to a slimmer waistline (in conjunction with a healthy diet, of course). Make sure that you focus on keeping your arms and legs fully extended and really concentrate on feeling that crunch on each side of your body as you move back and forth.

Reclined Oblique Crunches – Your entire core has to pitch in to pull this motion off; your lower abs are engaged in order to keep your legs up in the air, and your upper abs and obliques are put to work as you crunch up and over to the opposite side of your body. If this version is too hard, look under “Core” Exercise videos in order to find several different modifications that are easier. Repeat on each side of the body.

Side Hip Raises – There are multiple different difficulty levels of this exercise; to make it easier, do the side raises from a plank position from your knees and forearm (keeping a straight line from your shoulder to your hip). You will feel these in your obliques. Repeat on each side of the body.

Back Bow Crossovers – You don’t want to work the front of the core intensely and then ignore the antagonist back muscles. These are great for toning the lower back and they also incorporate the glute, oblique, and hamstring muscles. You don’t have to have a yoga block; you can use anything that you can set in front of you while doing the movement in order to serve as a marker or reminder of what range of motion you are supposed to be doing (up and over from side to side).

Russian Twist – This is another move that is very effective at engaging the entire core. You can very easily modify this move to make it easier or harder; if you need a less demanding exercise, keep your feet resting on the ground as you rotate your shoulders back and forth. If you want it to be more challenging, lift your feet off of the ground (as shown in the video) and hold onto a weight as you twist from side to side. Either variation that you choose, make sure that you aim to get the most range of motion out of each twist (within your own flexibility limits) and keep your back flat the entire time.

Crisscross Crunches – Form is very important with these; make sure that your knee never comes in further than your hip joint. Coming in past that point makes it easier on your core muscles, which makes the move less effective. If you are mindful of this detail, the exercise will feel quite a lot harder.

Toe Touch Crunch – Aim for as much upward movement in this crunch as your strength allows. This one is basic and effective.

Fitness Blender’s 8 Minute Abs Workout Routine burns roughly 65-95 calories.

Remember that it is absolutely essential to adjust your diet if you ever want to see the evidence of all that abdominal training show up on your midsection. If you have a less than ideal body fat percentage, you are not likely to see any definition in your abs, no matter how many sit up variations you do.

Ditch the refined foods and sugary drinks for vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein and you will notice a significant difference in your body fat percentage, the way that you feel, and possibly the number on the scale.

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