The Tuatara is a hypercar unlike any other. It is the culmination of over a decade of research and development to produce a road legal, high performance vehicle capable of delivering an otherworldly driving experience. Influenced by fighter jet aerodynamics and performance, the presence of the Tuatara inspires a sense of both intensity and simplistic design. Its striking profile is futuristic in its function, yet timeless in its form.

The Tuatara’s unprecedented power is transferred to a CIMA 7 speed transmission, integrated with a state-of-the-art Automac AMT system that operates the engagement and selection of movement in the gearbox. The system includes hydraulic driven components and sensors to produce high force engagement, position accuracy, and load control within milliseconds. The clutch and gear selection actuation are electrically operated, providing high precision and strategic operation. The core of the system is powered by a powerful automotive microprocessor, ensuring exceptional safety and performance.

Base price: $1.9 Million +

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SSC Tuatara VS Bugatti

Tuatara Reaction


Meet the first car to dethrone 331MPH!

A hypercar like no other

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