* Duration: 30 Minutes
* Calorie Burn: 240-305
* Difficulty: 5/5
* Equipment: No Equipment
* Training Type: Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Workout Structure: This workout consists of ten exercises done in 60 second intervals, with 10 seconds of rest in between. We go through the entire routine twice, making for a workout that is just under 30 minutes total.

Some of the exercises in this routine are really difficult to keep up for a full minute; jumping lunges and burpees, for example, are most likely to have your muscles screaming by the time you finish up that full minute.

If you are having a hard time completing an entire minute of any given exercise, that’s just fine. Take a quick break whenever you need to, just make sure that you jump right back into the movement as soon as you’ve caught your breath.

It doesn’t take long with this kind of cardio to start seeing a difference in your cardiovascular threshold- if you do this workout regularly for 1-2 weeks, you will start to notice that you can go longer periods of time before you have to take breaks.

Exercises in this routine:

Jump Rope – One of the greatest, most simple cardio moves around. It provides light allover toning and gets your heart pumping and lungs working quickly. If you don’t have a jump rope, just jog in place (do high knees if you want more of a challenge).

Jackknife Crunch – This is a situp variation that actually burns a decent amount of calories because it engages both upper and lower body. To make this exercise easier than the version shown in the video, just bend your knees throughout the motion to make it easier on your lower abdominal muscles.

Back Bows – You can’t work your “core” and neglect the back muscles; this is a great move to target that lower back. This bodyweight exercise also workout your glutes and obliques.

Mountain Climbers – Abs, quads, delts and hip flexors all have to pitch in to execute this exercise. They are like a hyper cardio version of a plank exercise and they’re great for getting your heart rate up when you have no equipment available.

Pilates Oblique Crunch with Leg Raises – This is maybe one of the best exercises available to target the oblique muscles. This also tones the entire core, and inner and outer thighs, too.

Jumping Lunges – These are a serious calorie blasting exercise. Plyometric lunges like these build strength, speed, and tone in the lower body, and they push your lungs to work much harder than other light cardio moves. Aside from adding a cardiovascular challenge, jumping lunges also require balance and stabilization, which calls upon your abdominal muscles.

Crisscross Crunch – This crunch tones the upper and lower abdominals, as well as the obliques.

Pilates Swimmers – This is a fantastic and effective way to target the lower back muscles. Aside from the visual appeal of a toned back, it’s critical to train your body in a comprehensive, equal way; thus the importance of doing exercises that focus on the back when you are strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Burpees – This is truly a total body exercise. Rev up your metabolism with a full 60 second interval of these nearly tortuous fat blasters.

Pilates Side Hip Raises – This Pilates exercise works the obliques, lower back, abdominals, and outer thighs. You should feel exactly which muscles this move utilizes after just a few repetitions.

This workout burns approximately 240 – 305 calories, though those numbers are only estimates and many variables can influence those figures.

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Just burned 240 - 305 calories in thirty minutes.

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